I Sat Down With Brad Feld To Talk About His New Best-Selling Book

I am honored to call Brad Feld a friend. Brad is an influential venture capitalist and co-founder of one of the world’s best startup accelerators, Techstars. Brad’s foundation gave a $50,000 grant to the ParentPreneur Foundation to get it started.

Yesterday Brad released his latest book, The Startup Community Way, and it’s already an Amazon best seller across multiple categories. So when Brad asked me to talk with him about his book, I was excited to do so and share his words of wisdom with the ParentPreneur Foundation community.

Let’s get right to the interview!

Head over to the foundation blog to read the article.

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The ParentPreneur Foundation Gives $10,000 To Ten Black ParentPreneurs

Six years ago I had a dream to start a foundation to inspire ParentPreneurs to be the best parent and entrepreneur possible, but I thought it would happen after I sold my business.

Then four months ago, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to do it now! And with a $50,000 founding grant from Brad Feld, renowned VC, co-founder of Techstars, and remarkable human, my dream is a reality! And I am in awe of what I have co-created with God’s help.

Today I am thrilled to announce the first ten Black ParentPreneurs to receive a grant from the ParentPreneur Foundation.


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Mark Cuban gives advice to entrepreneurs during COVID-19

I Interviewed Super ParentPreneur Mark Cuban. He Says COVID-19 Is a Great Time To Start a Business

We are in the middle of a pandemic, life will not return to “normal.” Now is the time to do the things you are afraid to do.

Now is the time to reach out to the people on your wish list of impossible people to contact.

If not now, when?

As my friend, Paul C. Brunson says, go ahead, shoot your shot.

I took my shot a few days ago. I sent a cold email to Mark Cuban to see if he would let me interview him for the ParentPreneur spotlight series on this blog. And you know what?

He said, yes!


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Why My Foundation To Help ParentPreneurs Is For Black People Only

A few months ago I announced I’m starting a foundation to give cash grants and other resources to parents who are entrepreneurs. I know lots of ParentPreneurs: Black, white, and Asian who are experiencing the unique challenges of starting a business while raising kids.

It’s a different experience than the stereotypical-young-twenty-something, hoodie-wearing-white-kid in Silicon Valley with no kids.

But after the last few months, I decided the foundation will be for Black ParentPreneurs only.


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Karens Gone Wild, AGAIN. Next Time She Will Be In Bracelets.

A few hours after learning of the senseless murder of another Black man at the hands of the police two nights ago, right here in Atlanta, I was sitting in my backyard doing what I like to do: drinking a glass of wine, smoking a cigar, and listening to music.

It’s what I do-this time my girlfriend was with me though. The music wasn’t loud, it never is. Then we hear someone yelling at us.

Karen was back.

God damn.


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3 Tips For Black Parents To Manage Racism At Home, By Dr. Nekeshia Hammond

Like many of you parents out there, since COVID-19 hit I’ve been trying to get and keep my mind right. I decided I would look for opportunities within the COVID crisis to shoot my shot and interview people like Mark Cuban and Seth Godin.

But then George Floyd happened and I’ve been crying a lot lately and I know a lot of you out there aren’t doing ok.

I reached out to renowned psychologist, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond to get some tips about what Black parents can do to manage racism for themselves and their children.


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Black People Are Not Even Safe From Karen In Their Own Homes

Black people are not even safe from the harassment of the Karens and Amy Coopers of the world while minding our business in our own homes.

Sunday evening I dropped my kids back at their mom’s house and hit the patio for a glass of wine, a cigar, and to listen to music, as I regularly do, and do so conscientiously so as to not disturb the neighbors in my townhome community. I’ve been doing this without incident for years. 

My relaxing moment was abruptly interrupted though when my girlfriend came outside freaked out to tell me that someone was banging on the door. Not ringing the doorbell, but banging on the door.

I went to the door, then this happened:


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Please don't let the police murder my son

Dear White People: 3 Tips For You To Keep My Son From Being Murdered By The Police & Karen

Like many people, I’m pissed off about the senseless death of George Floyd. Today, in response to my frustration about not knowing how I can keep my Black son from getting senselessly murdered by the police, a white friend on Facebook asked me what she could do to help protect our children.

I thought about this and I have three tips for white people that could help my Black son and Black boys and men everywhere from being brutalized and murdered by the police.


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Why I Was Excited About Being Rejected From A Cold Email

Yesterday I posted on social media that I was excited after I got rejected when I sent a cold email, and based on how it resonated with a few people I decided to share it on the blog.

I sent the cold email pitch to the Entrepreneur Magazine editor-in-chief; it was a Father’s Day story about my new foundation for ParentPreneurs, but he passed on it.

This is a screenshot of his rejection email to me:


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I Interviewed Seth Godin: “My Failures Are As Important As My Successes”

I have a real treat for you today. As I start up the new foundation to give grants and resources to ParentPreneurs, I’m featuring remarkable people on the blog.

There are not many people more remarkable than Seth Godin!

A little back story before I get to the interview with Seth. A few years ago I got an email from Seth Godin when he was on my business website and it wasn’t working properly. When the email came thru I pinged him back and I was like, wait, is this THEE Seth Godin?

He was like, “Yep, it’s me.” Needless to say I was completely embarrassed. Seth was gracious then and he is gracious today by agreeing to answer five questions to inspire you guys in life and in your business.

Below are Seth’s answers along with my occasional $.02.


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