Here’s What Happens When You Support a Small Business

A good friend of mine posted this article’s feature image on his Facebook page; he recently left a successful career in corporate marketing, and is now an entrepreneur. He posted the following quote along with the photo:

This is so true. I never saw it this way but it is a reality. – Roger G.

As someone who has been on the entrepreneurial grind for about four years now, who has made MANY sacrifices along the way, and is a dad of three year-old twins, this photo resonates deeply with me. There have been so many dark days especially as I’m far from competent when it comes to technology. If someone didn’t help me with Microsoft Dynamics Implementation I dread to think where my business would be right now.

For this post, in addition to the items listed in the feature image, I’m going to list a few other ways supporting small businesses is helpful, and if you own a small business yourself, push on, perhaps get yourself a small business advisor and never stop the entrepreneurial grind for your goals and dreams. There are so many resources out there for a small business to succeed these days. One of the best resources for business owners is to actually apply for a business loan from a reputable bank. A lot of business owners will spend a long time looking for the best bank for small business in florida, or wherever their business is located. This helps them to ensure they can open a business account and also take out a business loan, allowing them to grow successfully. Getting a business bank account is essential for businesses, it allows them to keep their transactions separate from their other expenses. That’s a good resource for new businesses to ensure they have. There are multiple other things that new businesses can also do to ensure they are successful.

And I’d like you to add to this list by leaving additional helpful items in the comments section. I will update this list with all of your input. It would be great to see this list grow to well over 100 items.

To be clear, I ain’t at all mad at the big company CEO for building her third holiday home-more power to her. But people need to know their support of small businesses MATTERS.

Ready? GO!


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