How I’m Using Affiliate Marketing To Grow My Business

if you’re anything like me, you are constantly spit-balling ideas for your business. You know How to make money in the HVAC business and you want your business to grow and prosper. A friend recommended to me that I check out this Whitehat thing to help me with my business. But the truth is you have to always try new ideas to generate sales, build your brand, and increase awareness of your product.

I am a heavy-weight spit-ball champion! This week, my extra-large straw is loaded with so many spit balls it’s not even funny. My current target, affiliate marketing. I’m trying to leverage other people’s website traffic and relationships to drive traffic and sales for my business. I’m now learning and understanding marketing automation (learn more about this on the Salesforce website), and trying to combine a level of automation into my affiliate marketing.

Will it work? Maybe. Maybe not.


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