Persistence > patience for a startup CEO, but patience still matters

Many of you know I am a contributing “expert” for the popular site, This month the theme over there was courage and the moments that define us.

I contributed an article titled, Saving my business while being a stay-at-home dad wasn’t easy: I stayed hopeful when people told me to let my business go. I’ve written about this on my blog here.

An interesting comment was made at my SheKnows article about patience that I’d like to discuss.  (more…)

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Entrepreneurs: Is Your Business Struggling? You Always Have A Move.

I’m über pumped to have my first article published as an expert entrepreneur contributor to SheKnows, which reaches 20 million people per month.

Head on over to SheKnows to read the full article and please share, if you dig it.



Feature image credit: Dana Lookadoo Determination Best description of determination as shown on the back of a friend’s tshirt.

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