Luck and Hustle Matter: Part Deux

I recently guest wrote an article about the importance of luck and hustle. Today something really cool happened and I want to reiterate why it’s important to just keep hustling, no matter what. Because the more we hustle, the luckier we get.

I’m a member of a Facebook group for entrepreneurs called the #NeverSettleClub; it’s a semi-private group started and curated by the amazing, Emmy Award-winning, Mario Armstrong.

On a recent webcast, Mario talked about the importance of building your community before you need to use it to help with your business. And he emphasized building a strong local base of support. I was skeptical about how this would work for ‘trepLife Dad because I don’t live in a large metropolitan area. But Mario pushed back and challenged me to think differently.

The result a few weeks later is pretty amazing…


never settle club (more…)

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