PopLyfe’s Sean Singleton: A parent entrepreneur hustling for fatherhood

Since starting this blog last August, I’ve met lots of parent entrepreneurs living the ‘trepLife. These folks inspire me and I’m going to start regularly featuring them and their products.

I recently met Sean Singleton on Twitter and we hit it off right away. Sean is a passionate dad, and a front-end web designer, so I was curious because I’m always thinking about how to improve my website. But what really intrigued me about Sean was his side-hustle business, an inspired t-shirt line called The PopLyfe, and his reason for starting it.


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What does success mean to you? Are you successful?

Yesterday I had one of those epiphany moments you hear about.

Someone shared my article on Facebook and described me in a way I hadn’t previously viewed myself. It was interesting because sometimes it’s hard to know how others perceive you. Then there’s that potential gap between others’ perception of you and self-perception.

In this case, there was definitely a perception gap, and I think it’s a good thing.


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Is Your Business Struggling? How Do You Know When It’s Time to Quit?

I engage with a lot of entrepreneurs, and occasionally the question about knowing when to quit if your business is struggling comes up.

To address this important issue, I wrote a guest article over at SteamFeed.

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Here’s the article –>



Feature Image Credit: Sarah Page don’t quit

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3 Places Entrepreneurs Can Find Much-Needed Support

Only entrepreneurs, or the people who regularly invest money with them understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

Thus, it’s not easy to find support when things are going sideways for your business.

This is an article I wrote for SheKnows.com as an “Experts Among Us” contributor and is the first article for what I hope will be an “Ask an Entrepreneur” type of section.

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Photo Credit (header photo): Photo by Andreas Klinke Johannsen Help wanted sign


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Why Your Business Idea is Probably Worthless

I love twitter.

I meet the most interesting people there.

I recently connected with Paul Brunson on twitter via an article he wrote: 20 Successful Habits I Learned Working For Two Billionaires that is a must read.

But it was an article Paul shared on twitter, the 3 Most Dangerous Half Truths in Entrepreneurship, by Tim Berry, that inspired this post. The article railed against doing what you love in business, and the myth about passion, persistence, and perseverance as the keys to success. (more…)

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Sometimes When You Lose, You Win

Life is a funny thing sometimes.

One second things seem to not be going your way. Then mysteriously, the entire universe conspires with you and a previously $h!tty situation turns out in your favor.

This happened to me so many times on my WeMontage journey. Like the time I was in the accelerator and pitching an investor who told me there is no way he would invest in my business, but then ended up doing just that thru an angel group to which he’s connected.

Or this past year when two huge PR opportunities kept getting severely pushed back when I really needed them to happen immediately to help cash flow. In the end, the PR spots hit in the fourth quarter of 2014, when consumers were more likely to buy.

That worked out great.


Another Entrepreneur Weighs In

I wanted to see if other entrepreneurs had similar experiences, so I reached out to Dino Dogan, founder of Triberr, a platform that helps bloggers solve the problem of  writing blog posts that no one reads; it does so by helping bloggers develop a community of sharing and support with other bloggers.

Below is Dino’s story about making vodka-mint lemonade out of lemons:


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Entrepreneurs: Is Your Business Struggling? You Always Have A Move.

I’m über pumped to have my first article published as an expert entrepreneur contributor to SheKnows, which reaches 20 million people per month.

Head on over to SheKnows to read the full article and please share, if you dig it.



Feature image credit: Dana Lookadoo Determination Best description of determination as shown on the back of a friend’s tshirt.

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