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I’m not a big quote person, but there are a few I really like-truncated and paraphrased to fit in a tweet, or in a pinnable image. If you dig any of them, share them on twitter or pinterest. If you want even more quotes of this nature, you might want to check out a Letterkenny quotes post from Block 37 as this could have exactly what you’re looking for

I’ll update these occasionally. Please let me know if you have any favorite quotes in the comments. Who knows? I might add yours to the list!


[Tweet “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed. – Chinese Proverb”]


Like a Duck


[Tweet “Even when you don’t think you have a move, you have a move – @bhorowitz #quote”]


[Tweet “Clear writing = Clear Thinking – @jasonfried #quote”]


Well Done (2)


[Tweet “The smell of desperation stinks. – James Oliver #quote”]


[Tweet “Being an #entrepreneur is like 3 dimensional chess on Star Trek – @bhorowitz #quote”]


awesomness (1)


[Tweet “If ur not a little embarrassed by V1 of ur product, u waited too long to launch – @DavidCohen #quote”]




[Tweet “Ring the freaking cash register – @msuster”]


Faith (1)


[Tweet “The difference between successful vs. unsuccessful CEOs? Persistence! – @bhorowitz #quote”]


Comfort Zone (1)


[Tweet “Well Done > well said. – Ben Franklin…So get it done.”]


Vision (1)






Success isn't owned. It is rented. And (1)

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