3 Tips For New Entrepreneurs to Survive The Crickets – #BlabChat


I teamed up with TODAY Show contributor and media entrepreneur, Mario Armstrong, and his right-hand-man, Shy Mukerjee, to offer tips for new entrepreneurs about how to manage the crickets that are sure to come.

You know, crickets: when you call, and call, and call, or email a potential customer or strategic partner, and they NEVER get back to you. It’s like you don’t exist.

Oh, the joy!


We jumped on Blab, the latest shiny, new object on social media, to have the discussion.


Get ready to be inspired and entertained!



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Feature image credit: The Magic Tuba Pixie Cricket (Flamethrower attachment) Every now and then, a Cricket will be augmented with a flamethrower attachment for anti-infantry and defensive purposes. However, the Cricket was designed to move and bounce along and away from battles, not charge into any.


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