Why I Was Excited About Being Rejected From A Cold Email

Yesterday I posted on social media that I was excited after I got rejected when I sent a cold email, and based on how it resonated with a few people I decided to share it on the blog.

I sent the cold email pitch to the Entrepreneur Magazine editor-in-chief; it was a Father’s Day story about my new foundation for ParentPreneurs, but he passed on it.

This is a screenshot of his rejection email to me:

I have never been excited about rejection. But two things made me happy here:

1. He actually got back to me, which lets me know my cold email writing is really improving.

The subject line, which was simply, “ParentPreneur Foundation,” compelled him to open the email, and while simple, it was very effective. How do I know? Because he opened the email. I normally put people’s names in the subject line to increase the open rate, but I didn’t think I needed to this time.

And the text in the email inspired him to reply, which is always a goal! Here’s the actual email I sent:

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You might say, “Well, he got back to you because you said you were a contributor!” Ok, but I only wrote one article for them, so I wasn’t a contributor-contributor. The point is I used what I thought was leverage to get him to engage with me. And it worked.

Be creative when you are engaging with people in cold emails. Your objective is to get a response, and hopefully a “yes.”

2. He thinks the idea of the ParentPreneur foundation mentioned in the press release is a good one.

Based on his response, I believe If I keep pitching the story, the press release will land and get published, which will help drive awareness and sign-ups.

Here’s a link to the actual press release I referenced in the email: https://tiny.pr/L4mPPRec.

I used tiny pr to make the release, which is a great service to let you share your press release in a mobile-optimized format. I also use tiny pr because if you send an attachment in a cold email, the receiver won’t open it.

You get a few free releases with tiny pr, but the monthly fee is only about $5-totally worth it if you’re gonna be sending out a bunch of pitches.

Have you ever been excited about rejection? If so, please tell me about it.

What cold email tips can you share with us in the comments?

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Why I Was Excited About Being Rejected From A Cold Email #resilience #ShootYourShot Click To Tweet

Feature Image by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash