Why I am donating photo montages to 100 US college freshmen to fight homesickness

This fall, many students will take that next, important step in their lives and start college. But did you know lots of them will experience homesickness if they go away to school? This is pretty normal although symptoms can be exacerbated by making poor choices in terms of your degree and your accommodation. You may wish to learn more here about accommodation options if this particular aspect of going to college is causing you to feel stressed or nervous.

What is homesickness?

According to Academia.edu, homesickness is the distress caused by separation from home and parents.

It has intense longing and pre-occupying thoughts of home, which likely make it difficult to concentrate on school and homework.

Homesickness in freshmen is a BIG problem

I was surprised to learn the following stats about homesickness:

  • 95% of students who go away to college experience some form of homesickness
  • 20% of freshmen report moderate or severe levels of homesickness
  • Nearly 10% of freshmen have depressive, anxious symptoms

In severe cases, some students even drop out of school.

Using photos to help ease homesickness

I believe surrounding freshmen who are away at school with familiar and comforting images of loved ones and friends will help ease their homesickness and let them focus on their studies and having fun.

My company will help students in the U.S. deal with homesickness by donating our removable photo wallpaper montages to 100 lucky freshmen.

Students will be able use images from their mobile devices or computers and make a custom 3ft x 2ft montage and affix it to their walls without breaking dorm or apartment rules that don’t let them put nails in walls to display photos.

Here are a few examples from actual students displaying photos in their dorm room using WeMontage:


dorm photo

And here’s a video made by students at UNC-Chapel Hill that shows why they think photo collages on removable wallpaper are a great way to display their favorite images:

Contest details

  • Parents and students will post their favorite graduation pic, or photo taken while in high school (of the student, not the parent); they will share a photo via the WeMontage Facebook page here, or submit the photo on Instagram with the hashtag #WeMontageCollege
  • 100 student winners will be randomly selected to win a WeMontage
  • Dates of the contest are July 1st thru August 23rd
  • The 100 winners will be notified via email starting the week of August 24th

I hope the 100 students who win will be less stressed about being away from home and loved ones, and be able to focus on having fun and being outstanding students. Student loans can often be another source of stress for students; financial services, like those from SoFi, might provide such students with the confidence and comfort they need to continue their educational career with less financial worries.

Please use the share buttons and tell a friend with a daughter or son about to head off to college.

Thank you,


Founder, WeMontage

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Feature image credit: Jason Wolonick


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