What is the one critical thing for your business you hate doing?

If you’re human, I suspect there are at least a few things you don’t like to do.

And if you’re an entrepreneur, I’m guessing there are things you need to do for your business to be successful, but you would rather gnaw off your own leg than do those things-whatever they are.

Obviously, there are certain things that entrepreneurs now have available to them that makes running a business slightly easier and the things that are somewhat tedious and time-consuming can be managed easier. For example, Bamboo Solutions have a Sharepoint project management central to allow you to have all project information in one place and track progress visually and easily instead of having to check in with multiple people daily. However, there are still tasks that just can’t be simplified.

I hate making cold calls

Period. End of story.

But the irony is, I’m actually pretty good on the phone. It comes from my experience selling life insurance a million years ago, when one year I sold 99 insurance policies. I guess my sales record shows how many people were sold a life insurance policy they didn’t really want or need. I totally understand why some people might be seeking life settlements now rather than paying these premiums for the rest of their life.

Think about that, that’s one policy every three days. Man, I was hustling back then.

In order to get those sales by selling life insurance, I made a whole lot of phone calls to schedule meetings. I can only imagine what I would’ve been able to achieve if I had access to some of the amazing insurance software that is on the market today.

Why do I need to make cold calls now?

I need to make calls now because businesses are my best customers over at WeMontage. The website is focused on consumers, but they spend 3x-4x less than businesses. Two of my business customers account for 10% of my total sales.

Ummmmm, hello! Right?!

It’s clear I need to focus on businesses. The question is, how?

Part of my ask if I make it to Shark Tank is to hire an experienced B2B sales person in my space, and I already have someone special in mind.

Who am I gonna call?


Sorry about that.

I’m spit-balling, but I’m thinking of businesses that people visit, have a great time, and take lots of pictures. First up: vineyards.

My vision is to have them purchase our e-Gift cards and give them to their visitors, so visitors can display their fond memories using our product. Maybe I should consider getting in touch with companies that could provide me with bulk gift cards! Better safe than sorry, as they say! But I better hurry up before they run out of water in California and there won’t be anymore wine.

Ouch. Maybe that was unnecessary.

I’m also gonna call a few visitor bureaus.

I’ll let you know how all that goes.

What do I prefer to do?

I prefer to do things in mass, like get on TV or have the product featured on TV, where you reach a lot of people at once.

Or send a mass cold email. Like a recent email I sent to 5,000 photographers. The email had a phenomenal open rate, but the conversions so far have been pretty $hitty, which I actually expected. I just wanted to try that demographic one last time.

Here’s a screen shot that shows the metrics from the email campaign. Just look at the 70% open rate, it’s unbelievable:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.21.51 AM

Here’s a google search with a bunch of tips on how to send cold emails. You do need to be careful though sending mass cold emails, as you could get in trouble.

What do you need to do for your biz, but hate doing?

Now you know what I need to do, what do you need to do that you suspect/know will have a positive impact on your business, but you just hate doing?

I mean, you hate it so much, you’d rather run thru a lion’s den wearing nothing but pork chop underwear!

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Feature image credit: Dennis Skley Love and Hate


  1. I used to love talking on the phone when I was younger, but nowadays having two kids and barely getting to speak without being interrupted so not a phone call kind of girl either anymore to be quite honest and would much rather chat through text or PM than to chat on the actual phone here.

  2. I hate doing my accounting. Hate it. AND I’m an outsourced/interim CFO! For the record, I have no problem doing my clients’ books, and I do them well.

    1. Yep, I’m right there with you. I always wait until the last minute to do quarterly financials.

  3. I must admit there are a few task that I am not thrilled about. But the one task that I HATE is social medial marketing! I keep telling myself, its an excellent way to promote my business. To me it feels a bit braggadocios. Given that Anybody from Anywhere, USA can become a sensation over night through social media, it does benefit me to take advantage of social media marketing. Now, if I could stop surfing the timelines long enough, I just might be able to make it happen! 🙂

  4. I quit my day job and went freelance as a writer on April 30, 2014. FOR FIFTEEN MONTHS now I have been meaning to send out an email to my network of friends/acquaintances announcing my new business. I don’t know why I am so chicken to do tell people who actually know me what I’m doing. I’ve been getting all my business from networking online with strangers.

      1. You’re right, of course. OK, new goal – get my single page website up and an announcement email out to my network by August 15th – just in time for the kids to go back to school and for me to increase my client list for fall. 🙂

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