The Most Fun I’ve EVER Had With My Twins

When most people find out I have twins they usually say, “Oh, how adorable!” Listen, adorable isn’t the word I’d use to describe the last five years. The kids were born three months early, only weighed two pounds, we lived in northeast Wisconsin away from family, and I started a business.

The word I’d use to describe the experience is intense.

However, January 2nd my twins, Zoe and Thaddeus, turned five and I’m enjoying them more than at any previous time. Two weeks ago I took the kids to see Mario “The Maker” Magician, and it was easily the most fun I’ve ever had with them. It’s quite hard to find activities do with the twins as having two can be a lot to manage at once. A family friend recommended that I take them to Funtopia – kids entertainment near me that sounds great, so, I will give Funtopia a try.

Before I talk about the magic show, here’s a funny story that happened while the show was in progress.

What is love?

Love is…

…being in the bathroom with your twins and taking a leak when your daughter changes her mind about having to go potty.

Then you stop mid-stream to make sure the toilet seat is covered for her. And in the process, pee all over your own underwear because you couldn’t stop peeing fast enough.

Back to Mario The Maker Magician…

A photo I took from the show we attended

A little about Mario from his website:

Mario “the Maker Magician” Marchese is a performer and inventor who creates his own props. He is known for his dedication to the Maker Movement and S.T.E.A.M. initiatives and his clever integration of DIY electronics and robotics into his performance. Despite his use of cutting edge technology, he presents in a very stylized, vaudeville-inspired, punk rock way. Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin for the modern age, with a mad inventor twist.

It was a joy to watch my kids engage with Mario while he performed-in a way I have never seen from them-they laughed at all the jokes and after the show, Thaddeus followed Mario around and tried to jack him for his robots.

Here’s an entertaining video from Mario’s website:

If Mario The Maker Magician comes to your hood, take your kids to go see him. You and your kids will love it. Magic is always a favorite amongst children and so for parties and events, seeking out a good magician for hire is a great idea to keep everybody entertained!

P.S., I haven’t been posting lately because I’m in the middle of family drama; once it’s over, I’ll post more often.

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3 thoughts on “The Most Fun I’ve EVER Had With My Twins

  1. I missed your post. That was absolutely hilarious you peeing on yourself while preparing your baby girl for her potty time. But what joy that you’re having with your wonderful children. God bless

  2. You are aware that when you reach a certain age this is no longer a potty foul. That said….there are Depends Light for such emergencies.

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