Presenting WeMontage To The Atlanta Startup Community

This right here is reason number 4,321 why I’m delighted to be back in the ATL.

The Atlanta tech startup ecosystem is alive and thriving.

This week I was blessed with the opportunity to introduce my business, WeMontage, to the ATL tech community via an important and popular monthly event called The Consumer Show. The show is hosted by the Switchyards Downton Club, a place focused on B2C startups. Switchyards is particularly great because most resources are focused on startups that target businesses, not consumers. And they really understand how to build brands, something I’ve been working on since I started WeMontage four years ago. If you are a startup and you want to get yourself set up with a small office space, you can always check out and see how they can help you out.

The Consumer Show

The Consumer Show selects five Atlanta-based startups that the Switchyards crew thinks have potential. So being picked is an honor.

Here are a few tweets from the event about the other four companies that presented at the show:







[Tweet “Presenting @WeMontage To The Atlanta #Startup Community #atl | @switchyards #TheConsumerShow”]


And finally, here’s the Facebook live streamed version of my presentation.





P.S., If you’re an entrepreneur or a Parentpreneur, I’ve written a book that will inspire you to keep hustling-because we all know it’s not easy out there. It’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and NBC News.

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Feature image credit via Switchyards Downtown Club

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  1. You know I’m cheering for you! Hoping to be purchasing one for our health club before the end of the year! I have the perfect spot, just need the right pics!

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