PopLyfe’s Sean Singleton: A parent entrepreneur hustling for fatherhood

Since starting this blog last August, I’ve met lots of parent entrepreneurs living the ‘trepLife. These folks inspire me and I’m going to start regularly featuring them and their products.

I recently met Sean Singleton on Twitter and we hit it off right away. Sean is a passionate dad, and a front-end web designer, so I was curious because I’m always thinking about how to improve my website. This is fast becoming a popular profession in our modern, digital age as businesses, brands, and individuals are constantly on the lookout for the latest stand-out talent in the web design world to take charge of things like UX – those looking to pursue this career option for themselves may want to read this post to find out effective ways of making and promoting their portfolio in order to attract more business. But what really intrigued me about Sean was his side-hustle business, an inspired t-shirt line called The PopLyfe, and his reason for starting it.

Why Sean started PopLyfe

I’d like to share with you, in Sean’s own words why he started PopLyfe. I think you’ll be moved by it.

Take it away, Sean:


I have a natural passion for being a dad.


Mostly borne from the fact that I grew up without a dad. My parents divorced when I was 3 years old and I have no real memories of my dad… I grew up wondering why I never heard from him, on holidays, my birthday… but since I never had him around I never really knew what it was like to miss having him there… In that sense maybe I was lucky… But always since, I told myself, when I had kids I was going to be the best father I could possibly be… Not a perfect dad, but always present and involved with my kids – no matter what.


Working for myself and making my own hours from time-to-time over the years, I have been lucky enough to be able to be more available to my kids for all the things working parents generally have to miss out on, ironically, to provide for their families…


When I was thinking about my next venture, I kept recalling the advice I’ve heard from successful entrepreneurs hundreds of times: “Build your business around something you’re passionate about”. Well, I can tell you, if there is one thing that’s true about me, I’m passionate about being a father.


As for my dad, I learned his lack of dedication or responsibility in being a father wasn’t completely intentional…


After some time, my mom lost touch with my dad, and I rarely asked questions about him and their marriage. I spent many years throughout my childhood considering whether or not I should try to track him down. Eventually the internet made it pretty easy to dig up info on lost friends and relatives and being that my dad had been in the military, it was easy to find him. A few years back, I decided to look him up and found he had passed away when he was about 34… Which would have made me about 9 years old at the time. And then all those years never hearing from him made sense… Even if he had wanted to be there, it was too late for both of us… I spent all those years wondering and I’m sure had he known his own life was limited, he might have made more of an effort to be a part of mine.


And that is the genesis of this brand, The PopLyfe. It’s not to declare that dads are better than moms, not to pat dads on the back. It’s about showing pride in being a father, wearing your dedication, and representing responsible men that consider fatherhood a privilege and a joy. A reminder to always be there and be present in your kid’s lives.


That’s just beautiful.


What is the PopLyfe brand?

As for his product, here’s what Sean says about it and the brand:


The PopLyfe is a Brand that Celebrates Dads:

We are a lifestyle brand that helps responsible and proud fathers represent their Family Life and their Story of Fatherhood. The PopLyfe shop was created to recognize dads and their commitment to being proud, involved fathers – dads who want to show their pride in what matters most. Our aim is to share the message that being a father is important and encourage dads to show the world that they don’t take the responsibility lightly.


T-shirts for Proud Dads:

Our t-shirts feature bold designs on great clothing that you’ll love wearing. Whether you’re out for the day with your kids or out with your buddies enjoying guy time, we’ve got goods you’ll be proud to be seen in. We’ll be adding more styles to the collection soon, and we are working on bringing you new gifts and accessories we know you or the dad in your Lyfe will love. Stay tuned!


This is a brand with a great story. I was so moved by it, I copped a t-shirt and repped it on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #iMakeAdorableBabies. Here’s that selfie:


2015-03-30 18.50.34


Other shirt styles

Here are some other styles on the site, there are lots more:


Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.59.05 PM


Check out PopLyfe and support a great dad with a great product, founded for all the RIGHT reasons.

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Feature image: Courtesy of The PopLyfe


  1. I love the story behind this business venture and think I have to get my husband one of these t-shirts now for Father’s Day. So, thank you for sharing here!! 😉

  2. Love love love this story and the shirts! Sean, what a great mission – wishing you great success. James, thank you for bringing the story to us!

  3. I love these! your shirt is totally true you know.
    The story is so interesting. I’m not a dad, nor will I be, but I also lost my dad and he passed away young and fatherhood fascinates me.

    1. Interesting. Thanks for stopping by, Tamara. Oh, and yes, thanks for the truth validation. Ha.

  4. What a great story, it really moved me. My oldest son was 4 when I moved to D.C. leaving his dad behind in Minnesota. They have developed a great relationship since my son married and has children. Your story brought tears of joy to my eyes, I am so grateful that he has his dad in his life now, and I am so proud of the father my son has become to his daughters. I am going to order a shirt right now! Thank you for the great story and for developing a meaningful brand.

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