Persistence > patience for a startup CEO, but patience still matters

Many of you know I am a contributing “expert” for the popular site, This month the theme over there was courage and the moments that define us.

I contributed an article titled, Saving my business while being a stay-at-home dad wasn’t easy: I stayed hopeful when people told me to let my business go. I’ve written about this on my blog here.

An interesting comment was made at my SheKnows article about patience that I’d like to discuss. 


BlogHer COO, Elisa Camahort Page

At the end of the SheKnows article, I made my usual riff about persistence being > patience for entrepreneurs.

Elisa Camahort Page, COO of BlogHer, made a comment I thought was interesting. Before I tell you what her comment was, a bit about Elisa and BlogHer.


I only recently met Elisa and did so while being polite and unintentionally hustling. I think Elisa sent out a mass email letting everyone know BlogHer was acquired by SheKnows, for what I later learned was, according to Ad Age$30 million – $40 million.

I sent her a reply congratulating her and we exchanged a few emails. Then I asked her if she could recommend a large blog platform, to which I could contribute my parent-entrepreneur voice. She suggested SheKnows, made an introduction, and that’s how I started writing for those guys.

What Elisa doesn’t know is I have SO much respect for her as an entrepreneur. I mean, getting your biz acquired for $30 million – $40 million? That’s what’s up, and that is my goal for WeMontage.


So much hustle by Elisa and her team to make that happen yields SO much respect from me.

And in getting to know her a bit, it’s clear she’s a really great person, too. Connect with Elisa on Twitter here.


Elisa’s comment about patience

Here’s what Elisa said at the SheKnows article:


Heh. I always say that it is my patience *and* persistence that has allowed me to accomplish some of my great accomplishments as an entrepreneur!


To which I responded:


No doubt. Persistence > Patience for entrepreneurs. But you have to be patient to get to the results of your persistence. What a funny phenomenon.


Fred Wilson, super venture capitalist, and early Twitter investor, subtly makes the point in his article titled, The Grind vs. The Pivot:


The Grind is about continuously improving your product using market feedback and gradual but sustained product evolution. In order to execute The Grind, you need to keep your burn rate low.


Translation: in order to grind, you need to be persistent. But you gotta stay patient, too.


Here’s to grinding, persistence, and patience.


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Feature image credit: mliu92 Patience 4584.jpg  (part of) the character for ‘patience’ in Chinese


  1. Thanks for the kind words, James. You embody patience and persistence in my book. And consequently, at least in my book, you’re always going to be on the receiving end of a reply and feedback…in this world we may not always get the answer we WANT, but if you’re patient, persistent and, yes, polite in the face of the answer, eventually the pendulum swing towards YES.

  2. Great insight… I only hope to someday be where you are at with WeMontage. I have an idea that just won’t go away – I’ll have to see it come to light one of these days. Thanks James for the great words of wisdom!

    1. You bet.

      Get started on it. Now.

      If it’s really what you should be doing, it’s not going to leave your head.

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