One Simple Way to Turn Customers With Problems Into Brand Advocates

Every entrepreneur knows there will be occasional customer problems. Sometimes it will be your fault, sometimes not. But it doesn’t matter.

Problems present a wonderful opportunity to turn customers into advocates of your product or brand.


Turn Customers With Problems Into Advocates

How do you do this?


Just respond to customers quickly and do whatever you can to fix the problem – even if it costs you money.

Yep. That’s right.

Below is an email exchange I had with a customer on Christmas day (of all days!).

Here’s the first email I got from the customer, Brad C., about a WeMontage he bought for Christmas:


Oh Noooooo!!!  Some how you sent the wrong montage!  My 5 year old just opened his present and it was the same montage we made for our 8 year old’s birthday several months back?????

How do I send this back and get the correct one!!


Naturally, I was like, crap! ‘Cause that just sucks.

I gathered myself and sent the following response:



I refunded your credit card for the purchase. I feel really bad about ruining your son’s Christmas.

Please keep the one we sent you and give it to a relative, if you think they’ll enjoy it.

We’ll send the correct one to you. My printer is on vacation though until after New Years.


His response:


Great, Thanks.  Again I really appreciate your quick response to this, on Christmas day no less.  I should have actually opened it up when I got it to make sure it was the right one so it’s partially my fault as well for not checking.  Love your product and have more planned for the coming year!


I love how the customer appreciated my quick response and resolution so much, he took partial responsibility for the problem. Ha!

Obviously, I can’t stay in business if this kind of thing happens regularly. Thankfully, it’s only happened twice now in about 1,000 orders.


We’ll see if he makes good on his promise to order more in 2015, but I suspect he will.


Take care of your customers-especially if you’re a small business.

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8 thoughts on “One Simple Way to Turn Customers With Problems Into Brand Advocates

  1. Outstanding customer service is one of the things that I think makes WeMontage stand out. You go above and beyond with customer service and outside of your company, on social media, and in real life, I see you do the same thing. I consider myself lucky to count you among my friends. Amazing to think we met on Twitter. I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday and I am wishing you an amazing 2015!

  2. James, I couldn’t agree more and truly know that good, polite and quick customer service is the way to go everytime. I truly am the same with my clients and business contacts and have found that this is usually the ticket to saving a business deal and gaining more, too.

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