National Grandparents Day Photo Contest

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 11.27.18 AMDid you know Sunday, Sept. 7th is National Grandparents Day? Until a few days ago, we didn’t either. Grandparents are such an important part of the lives of our children. We’re big family people and love spending time with one another, it’s great! Unfortunately, not everyone is as fortunate as us to have both grandparents still around, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate them in all their glory. On days like this, we start to think and learn more about our roots and genealogy, and how our upbringing may have changed over the years. Our ancestors would have lived through very different times compared to us so celebrating everyone in this family lineage is an honor.

My wife’s mom was recently here to visit from NY and my mom is currently visiting from NJ. Watching them dote upon the kids is really awesome. In addition to a mother’s love, the love of a grandparent is really wonderful. I love seeing how close she is with her grandkids. It’s such a shame that she lives far away, however, we make it work. Besides things are a lot easier now anyway since she’s only a phone call away. I was thinking of getting her something like this loud cell phone for seniors, however, she says her hearing is perfectly fine. So maybe I’ll just wait a few years. Anyway, it was great to have her actually spend time with her grandkids today. You forget how lucky you are for your children to have grandparents in their lives. We are blessed that, for now, both our moms can come and visit. We know this won’t always be the way, and that one day they may have to go into some sort of senior living and we will have to go and visit them. I have been researching senior homes online and was pleasantly surprised at some of the places I saw. I didn’t expect them to be as nice as they were. If you doubt the quality of these homes, as I did, you might want to check out. It looks beautiful and comforted me that when that day comes our parents will have somewhere nice to live and for us to go and visit.

Here are a few pics from our moms’ visits:

My mom feeding her grand kids-the twins!
My mom feeding her grand kids-the twins!
My mother-in-law and her father, the kids' 93 year old great grandpa!
My mother-in-law and her father, the kids’ 93 year old great grandpa!

To help celebrate the amazing grandparents in our lives, over at WeMontage we’re having a super-fun Instagram contest. We want people to upload the coolest photos of their grandparents and share them on Instagram.

The submissions so far have been incredible! Here are just a few:

Untitled design (1)
Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 8.43.46 AM
How great are those?! I’d love to see how cool and swagalicious your grandparents were when they were much younger. Were they the original hipsters?

Here are the contest details:

grand parents

Happy National Grandparents Day! I can’t wait to see your awesome photos.


  1. Totally got to see what I can share once this day quiets down a bit – still got to get Emma on the school bus and take Lily to pre-school orientation, but will try to share this weekend on Instagram. Thanks for the awesome contest 🙂

    1. That would be super. I really look forward to seeing what you share. Those old pics are simply fabulous.

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