My pitch on a radio show founded by a former Shark Tank shark

A few weeks ago I was invited to join a Facebook group for people who appeared on-or auditioned for-the popular TV show, Shark Tank; this group is amazing! It has so many entrepreneurs who are out there making it happen!

Last Friday I received a Facebook message from Marla Tabaka who found me in the Shark Tank Facebook group and asked me if I would be interested in pitching my business on her live radio show, Big Pitch Radio, which is hosted by Kevin Harrington, who appeared on Shark Tank as a shark, along with Marla, who is successful in her own right and is an Inc. magazine author, and Jason Garey, another successful entrepreneur.

The show airs in 37 cities with a potential audience reach of eight million listeners. So naturally, I was pumped to do it and I thought it would be fun. 

Here’s the audio for the radio segment, which is split over two different shows because I came on at the end of the first show, so keep listening when the first segment ends. Also, Kevin Harrington’s son, Brian, sat in for him during the pitch.

Click the play button and enjoy!

P.S., If you want to pitch your business on the show, click here.



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Feature image credit: Discovery HQ Shark Week 2012


  1. Nice work James, you sounded like an absolute expert in your business which makes sense of course, but it still ends up being pretty rare.

  2. Amazing job! Well done, James! I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up on the show or one like it in the near future. Your entrepreneurship and hustle experience as well as personality need to be out there inspiring others.

  3. You killed it!! I actually learned some things, like how you originally came up with the idea for WeMontage. Very cold stuff and you obviously impressed the hell out of them with all the exposure you have gotten for yourself. Keep hustling James and someday i will see you on TV and say “Hey! I know him!”

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