Making Moves in Atlanta

Making moves in Atlanta, back-and-forth scrambler – Nas, If I Ruled The World

In March, my family and I moved from NE Wisconsin to Atlanta. I went to school in Atlanta (Morehouse), lived here for twelve years, my friends used to come with me when I was visiting so we could make a weekend of it. They stayed at hotels like the Holiday Inn Express Atlanta hotel. In some ways, Atlanta is more like home than my hometown, NYC. The last time I went there, a friend of mine told me about vacation rentals in atlanta which I’d imagine anyone would be interested in having for their vacation time, however, it wasn’t for me back then.

There is also a thriving tech startup ecosystem here with a community of people keen to support snotty little companies like mine. Bottom line, there is lots of opportunity in Atlanta. And when you combine hustle (which I got in spades) and opportunity, magical things can happen. Fertile grounds to tap into the housing market, maybe even with an eye towards property rental!

Traditionally, investing in real estate as a business was all about being able to sell it later for a profit. But it does not have to be this way. From empty storefronts to basements and attics, all of these could be leased out to various parties. All that is needed is some thoughtful restructuring of the space; creating the necessary buzz to attract prospective occupants; and having a reliable tenant background check process in place. Then let the magic unfold, or so goes the thought!

That said, here’s a recap of some of the “magic” I’ve been able to make happen in the short time I’ve been here.

Business Radio X

I met Stefanie Diaz of Mastermind Your Launch while dropping off my twins at daycare-her son is in the same class. Stefanie was wearing a Startup pitch competition t-shirt, which I recognized because I applied (unsuccessfully) to pitch. We hit it off immediately.

Stefanie works tirelessly to help Startups and the people behind them, so when I mentioned I needed to get “plugged in” to the startup scene here, she sprang into action and invited me to the Alpharetta 1 million cups meetup, which has been awesome.

And she invited me on her weekly radio show where she interviews entrepreneurs. Listen to our interview here –>.

Image courtesy of Business Radio X

Perspectives with Condace Pressley

Condace is an Atlanta radio legend; she is a beautiful person with a beautiful voice. She hosts a Sunday morning talk show called Perspectives that comes on four Atlanta radio stations. So when my Morehouse brother, Michael, connected us and she agreed to interview me about my book, I was thrilled.

Here’s that interview:

Atlanta Tech Edge

I mentioned there is a startup ecosystem here-one important part of which is a TV show on NBC that airs Sunday mornings at 11:30am called Atlanta Tech Edge. The show shares tech news and features people from the Atlanta startup community. And it’s awesome!

Below is my interview this week with the host, Cara Kneer.

Switchyards – The Consumer Show

This next slice of awesomeness Is courtesy of an introduction Stefanie Diaz made to Michael Cowherd, a Morehouse alum and founder of an early stage startup, On The Way.

There’s a great community of people in Atlanta focused on B2C startups and once a month they have something called The Consumer Show. Early next month, I’ll present WeMontage at the show.
You can learn more about the upcoming show here–>.

As you can see, I’ve been a little busy. Mostly though I am thankful to be back in Atlanta and for the support of the people and places above, and for my close friends here who helped me get settled in (you know who you are).

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P.S., If you’re an entrepreneur or a Parentpreneur, I’ve written a book that will inspire you to keep hustling-because we all know it’s not easy out there. It’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and NBC News.

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  1. Hey James congrats on the press you’re getting! Sometimes you just gotta cross multiple state lines multiple times to make progress aka magic happen. How are making sure these opportunities double their impact for WeMontage while creating more time w/ your family?

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