Luck Does Matter and Here’s How it Got My Biz on Good Morning America

The more you hustle, the luckier you get.

To be clear, hard work (e.g., hustle) matters more than anything. But in my experience as an entrepreneur, the harder I work, the more lucky breaks I get.

This might be an obvious statement to some, but I know there are many people who don’t believe in luck; they say they create their own luck, or there’s just no such thing as luck.

They are wrong.

Defining luck

The dictionary defines luck as follows:

Success (or failure) apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

I agree with that, but I define luck as:

  • A blessing from God
  • Things that happen that are outside of your control
  • The universe conspiring with you

All of these things are the same to me.

My history trying to get on Good Morning America

I’ve tried to get my business featured on Good Morning America for two and a half years. Here’s a timeline of my efforts to do so.

Spring 2014

Tory Johnson’s team contacted me about being included in her GMA Deals and Steals segment. Our website wasn’t mobile optimized, meaning you couldn’t upload photos from your phone to make a montage; Tory’s team hated that and didn’t include us in the GMA segment.

I’ve tried to be included in another one of her GMA segments ever since I made the website mobile optimized in early 2015. But I’ve had no luck with them-all I get is the “Heisman” when I contact her team.

Spring 2015

Good Morning America was going to include my biz in a Mother’s Day segment.


Then they found out we’d already been featured on the TODAY Show and booted us from the segment.


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How luck got my biz on Good Morning America

Last Wednesday I got an URGENT email request from the style editor for Good Housekeeping magazine; she does a segment on GMA and was doing one about creative ways to display Summer photos. There was one catch: She needed it delivered by Friday. As in the day after Wednesday.

Oh, and she wanted to use Instagram photos, which are compressed when added to Instagram and make it somewhat challenging to print in large format like we do in my biz.

I thought she found me because I just got back that morning from participating in a national entrepreneur competition sponsored by HSN and Good Housekeeping Magazine. But nope. I asked her how she found out about my biz and she said she stumbled across the website while searching for interesting photo ideas to include in her segment.

Let me repeat that.

She was Googling stuff and found my business. I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. And my product ended up on GMA.

It. Was. Luck.

I hear some of y’all out there saying, “but it wasn’t luck that she found you. You worked hard on your SEO and that’s how you came up in her search results!”

Um, no. I haven’t worked nearly hard enough on SEO. I would have if I could find affordable search engine optimization services around my area, not that I tried very hard to look, I’m afraid. But you see, had I had good search engine optimization in the first place, it would have helped me to earn this Good Morning America on my own accord. I knew I should have listened to my friends when they told me to get in touch with a company that specialized in digital marketing to help with this. At least I know what to do for the next time though! It’s usually best to entrust the discoverability of your site into the hands of experts who know how to make the most of search engines so you will increasingly appear at the top of search results – this is just the tip of the iceberg of what the likes of can help you do.

However. It. Was. Luck. That doesn’t mean that I’m not planning to better my SEO techniques and make use of reporting tools for seo for increased online business awareness in the future. Just because I have some awareness now doesn’t mean I should slow my marketing efforts, in fact, it means I should do the complete opposite.

Granted, I will agree with the luck naysayers that it was my hard work that made her feel comfortable enough with what she saw on the website when she got there to want to include us-product unseen.

Then there was the fact that I immediately called when I got her email, figured out how to scrape images off Instagram, and texted with her until late that night to make sure things were right, even though I hadn’t really slept in two days, had been up since 3am, drove 3 hours home from the Chicago airport, was doped up on Nyquil, and my back was hurting so bad from coughing for two days straight.

But her finding me was completely out of my control. I had NOTHING to do with it.

So, to those of you who think you make your own luck, I say “Hubris on!”

And good luck to you.

Btw, here’s the GMA segment.

Oh, and Hustle > Luck.

Luck Does Matter and Here's How it Got My Biz on Good Morning America #hustle #SupportBlackBussiness Click To Tweet


  1. awesome! glad to see you have one of those break through moments, James…!! :)) now all we need is at least one of those biggies a week and we’ll be fine, right? 😉

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