Luck and Hustle Matter: Part Deux

I recently guest wrote an article about the importance of luck and hustle. Today something really cool happened and I want to reiterate why it’s important to just keep hustling, no matter what. Because the more we hustle, the luckier we get.

I’m a member of a Facebook group for entrepreneurs called the #NeverSettleClub; it’s a semi-private group started and curated by the amazing, Emmy Award-winning, Mario Armstrong.

On a recent webcast, Mario talked about the importance of building your community before you need to use it to help with your business. And he emphasized building a strong local base of support. I was skeptical about how this would work for ‘trepLife Dad because I don’t live in a large metropolitan area. But Mario pushed back and challenged me to think differently.

The result a few weeks later is pretty amazing…


never settle club


Community Helps

Mario was right.

I reached out to the anchor of Good Day Wisconsin, whom I met when I was on the popular morning TV show with my business, WeMontage, last winter. I asked if she was open to doing a test segment with ‘trepLife Dad as the lifestyle expert for parent entrepreneurs.

After a bunch of emails and phone calls, I finally got her on the phone and she said…yes!!!

I think I was pretty lucky she said yes, but it was the hustle that got me to the yes.


Preparation Is Key

When we get our opportunities, we have to be prepared.

To prepare for this opportunity, I requested the questions she would ask and I recorded myself answering them at least twenty times. So when I got on TV, my answers would just flow.


The Result

I appeared on Good Day Wisconsin and I was told, if it went well, it might become a regular thing.

After the segment aired, the anchor said it went really well and wants me to follow up on specific ideas for a regular segment for her to pitch to her producers.

Here is the video in which I talk about family, entrepreneurship, and I cook a tasty meal. I hope you enjoy it.

And please leave a comment and share any examples of how luck and hustle worked out in your favor.


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P.S., Here’s the link to the recipe in the video. You will LOVE it!


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