Karens Gone Wild, AGAIN. Next Time She Will Be In Bracelets.

A few hours after learning of the senseless murder of another Black man at the hands of the police two nights ago, right here in Atlanta, I was sitting in my backyard doing what I like to do: drinking a glass of wine, smoking a cigar, and listening to music.

It’s what I do-this time my girlfriend was with me though. The music wasn’t loud, it never is. Then we hear someone yelling at us.

Karen was back.

God damn.

Karens Gone Wild, AGAIN. Next Time She Will Be In Bracelets. #KarensGoneWild #BlackLivesMatter Click To Tweet

What happened this time

She yelled at us like she thought she was somebody’s momma. My girlfriend was having none of it though. Last time Karen told my girl to shut up to which my girl calmly replied, “You shut the fuck up, ” and that’s when Karen got back in her car to avoid an ass-whooping. You can read about the last encounter with Karen here.

Look, my woman is a Spelman alum and has a masters from Columbia, and is sweet as pie. But don’t let the smooth taste fool you. She will whoop dat ass.

So Karen is yelling at us from her yard, which is one house back, and two houses over, threatened to call the police then said she will put an end to all this.

An end? WTF does that mean?

My woman says to her, “I would like to see you come do it. I’ll be right here waiting on you.”

Ooooooh shit.

Then Karen turned around and stomped into her house. My woman did the same and flung the front door open waiting for her to show up. I don’t know how she knew Karen would get in her car again and come around here. But Karen did.

To be clear, this crazy Karen ass bitch had the audacity to get in her car and drive to the front of my house, again, to continue harassing us.

Let that shit sink in.

The second encounter

In the video, Karen tells us we have lost our mind. Well, that’s when she nearly got her ass beat.

This time I called the police

We were very upset. I called my neighbor directly behind us who is the president of the HOA and we talked and both agreed I should call the police. Because I didn’t want her to call the police on me, you know, a Black man.

I was so thankful they sent a Black police officer. I don’t know if that was intentional-there are only a couple of Black officers in the local police force.

He was great.

The officer said he would file a trespassing warrant against her and would go to her house to do so. He was gone about 45-minutes.

When he came back he said she was so crazy when she opened her door he put his body-cam on. A body cam on Karen. I like that.

She called her father and he wanted to know if the officer was Black, implying that had something to do with him knocking on her door.


If Karen steps foot on my property again she will be arrested. I would love to see her in bracelets.

Neighbors supported us

Our white neighbors really stepped up. Two of them came over before we called the police and stayed until the cops came because we were nervous about calling the police.

Then my one neighbor, who is a COVID-45 supporter, begged the officer to please protect me and told him I was a good man and a good father. She begged him.

Then the funniest shit in the world happened. She told the cop she had a stun gun, and said she would taze Karen in the name of Jesus if she came back over here again.

Taze her in the name of Jesus? I bout lost it.

Then the tazer neighbor did something remarkable, she asked if we could all hold hands and pray. And we did.

I am thankful for my neighbors. Because of them we were able to go back in our yard and enjoy the rest of our afternoon.

Karens are out of control and we need to put them on blast. Especially right now. Please tweet and Facebook post this article, so we can let people know what is going on.

I’m tired.

P.S., I am starting a foundation to help ParentPreneurs-it was gonna be for everybody-but after all this BS with George Floyd and Karen at my door, the foundation will be for Black ParentPreneurs only. If you are a Black parent and entrepreneur with an e-Commerce product for sale, head over to the website and sign up to be notified when we launch, which will be soon.

Karens Gone Wild, AGAIN. Next Time She Will Be In Bracelets. #KarensGoneWild #BlackLivesMatter Click To Tweet


  1. Hi Bro, I ’m so sorry that you and your wife had to go through this stupidity I am so sick and tired of this! Please keep recording all these encounters with this crazy lady until she leaves. Please be safe. God bless you

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