Interview With Mario Armstrong: “You Are In Control Of Your Destiny”

I am SUPER-excited to share the first video interview for ‘trepLife Dad, and I’m pumped that it is with the inimitable Mario Armstrong. Mario is an Emmy Award-winning digital lifestyle expert, a parent, and an entrepreneur. You’ll probably recognize him from The TODAY Show and a few other places.

Mario is a committed husband and dad, and I love when he said, “If I ever get to the point where the business is damaging the relationship [with my wife and son], the business has to go.” He will shut it down. Wow! Incredible commitment.

Mario talks about why, in business, it’s important to build a community BEFORE you need it, and the challenges of getting his own TV show. The community riff is a lesson I learned the hard way when starting WeMontage, so he is absolutely correct.

So many nuggets in here. The discussion is so great, I’m confident you will overlook the fact that Skype was mis-behaving, which caused the audio and video to be a lil’ dicey in a few spots.



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    1. Ha. It’s funny how those jokers always have a way of knowing when to wake up just as we want to do something…

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