How Luck and Hustle Got Me Featured in Money Magazine

This morning Money Magazine featured my biz and me in an online article and video, and they published the article in the May print issue.

People ask me all the time how I’m able to get great PR like this on my own, and my answer is mundane and always the same: it’s luck and hustle.

In this case though, it was mostly luck, but I was possibly helped by my hustle (i.e., publishing articles on this blog). Specifically, a buddy who went through the same tech accelerator was featured last summer by the magazine and the writer was looking for more people to feature, so my buddy suggested me. Not that he wouldn’t have suggested me anyway, but I have a feeling that because he sees my blog posts occasionally, I was top of mind when the writer made the ask.

So, that’s it. Just a lil’ luck and maybe a lil’ hustle.

And I’m thankful for the exposure.

The feature is two pages in print, which is a big deal I think, and is in a section of the magazine that focuses on people who make career changes.

Sometimes when you lose, you win

One last thing. I talk a lot about how sometimes when you lose, you win, so you can’t get down on yourself when something you expect to happen doesn’t. It’s like gambling whether its in casinos or online sites like xe88 2021, you get yourself into it with the understanding that you either win or lose! You never know right when you would win the lucky number or card that can draw you millions. However, do understand that those who learn and hustle their way by playing games that pay real money win not because they are simply lucky. Winning does take some strategy. For instance, think about the casino games that take gambling mathematics to experiment with your cards, it is not just pure luck. Of course, there are gambling games and people do find themselves lucking playing at (or a similar one. However, it’s not always about the win, it’s about being persistent and making the win gradually. In this case, the Money Magazine article was supposed to publish last month, but they changed it for whatever reason. After they pushed the date back a month, they decided to film a video to go along with the online article, and they sent a super-cool videographer to my home. Having the video makes this exposure that much better.

So again, sometimes when you lose, you win.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the link to the online article. Please share this with anyone you know who is considering taking a bold leap with their career, or trying to get off the fence to pursue their dreams.


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Feature image credit: Money Magazine


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