How I’m Using Affiliate Marketing To Grow My Business

if you’re anything like me, you are constantly spit-balling ideas for your business. You know How to make money in the HVAC business and you want your business to grow and prosper. A friend recommended to me that I check out this Whitehat thing to help me with my business. But the truth is you have to always try new ideas to generate sales, build your brand, and increase awareness of your product.

I am a heavy-weight spit-ball champion! This week, my extra-large straw is loaded with so many spit balls it’s not even funny. My current target, affiliate marketing. I’m trying to leverage other people’s website traffic and relationships to drive traffic and sales for my business. I’m now learning and understanding marketing automation (learn more about this on the Salesforce website), and trying to combine a level of automation into my affiliate marketing.

Will it work? Maybe. Maybe not.

Mixed success in the past

I’ve been fortunate to have affiliate relationships with some really great bloggers the last few years. Strangely though, my business hasn’t gotten much traffic and sales from affiliate links.

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There was one exception though. Last year, one affiliate in the “design” space wrote an article to promote my biz and it led to discovery of my company by a producer from the DIY Network. The producer said she was looking for new product ideas to feature on the show and stumbled across the affiliate article.

That was pretty lucky. But it was the hustle to learn about affiliate marketing and to set up a program with a credible affiliate program that made the lucky opportunity possible. It’s like I always say, luck and hustle matter, and they have been primarily responsible for the PR success I’ve had so far.

Here’s the well-produced feature from the DIY Network. Apologies for the low-ish volume, I was new to the video-scraping game when I scraped this one.

This DIY Network segment has been the gift that’s kept on giving. It will re-air, again, November 20th, just in time for a lil’ holiday sale love.

My latest affiliate marketing venture

A friend recently told me about a site, Slick Deals, that allegedly has lots of traffic and engaged users. It turns out Slick Deals contacted me in the past via my affiliate marketing platform, Share-a-sale, but I declined their invitation because I wasn’t familiar with them and I get lots of requests from coupon sites, and generally decline those because you have to be careful where your brand appears, and you don’t want to always be discounting your product all over the internet.

I contacted Slick Deals, then approved their affiliate status.

I’m running a 25% coupon on their site, and I’m hoping some of their members will discover my biz and start discussing it in the forums, which could lead to more traffic to my website, which will hopefully lead to sales.

This affiliate marketing effort is in addition to the Groupon campaign I’m currently running, which is going well so far. Like I said, I’m a heavy-weight spit-ball champion.

Have you successfully used affiliate marketing to grow your business? Or did you choose a different route, such as something like Singular and their marketing intelligence platform? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Be well.

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  1. I love working with affiliate marketing myself and will advertise for a few elect ones that I feel work on my site. I do work with Shareasale and also Linkshare, too and have made a few bucks off them in the past. But will have to check out the one you are with now too when I have a chance.

    1. Cool beans. I’d love to have you as an affiliate, Janine, if it makes sense for your blog. Let’s discuss offline.

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