How do you know your next right move in life and business?

When you get to a fork in the road, how do you know which way to go?

What about the times you’re not sure how to even get to the fork, so you could actually make a decision?

When you’re stuck and don’t know what to do, how do you figure out your next right move?

I ask these questions as it relates to life in general, but I’m mostly interested in the answers in a business context.

What Oprah does

A few months ago I watched an amazing interview with Oprah; part of what she talked about was how she figures out what her next right move is when she’s faced with a challenge. Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview:

You can watch the entire interview here.

I tried Oprah’s approach once and it actually worked

I had a few friends telling me for months I should raise capital for my business, but I knew the time wasn’t right – I didn’t have a compelling enough story to raise cash, so I didn’t bother to try. But I knew I needed to do something bold to keep the business moving forward.

Then in January of 2015, I decided to try Oprah’s approach, so I meditated on the question, “what’s the next right move for the business now?” As a result, I got clarity and conviction about the idea of raising capital, and put together all the necessary investor documents to make that happen. I could have leased the capital and assets for my business to further employ an accounting software like EZLease to monitor the finances spent on the lease. However, I am more interested in ownership, which can require additional efforts on my part, but raising capital could be simple if one has the right resources.

I ended up raising $100,000 from an unexpected investor; I wrote about it here.

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I’m trying Oprah’s advice again

Earlier this year, I wrote about my plan to take the biz to the next level. So far, things have hardly been going according to plan. And I’ve asked myself, what should I do next?

Then I remembered Oprah’s advice, so I started asking what is the next right move? And doing so during meditation.

Today I realized I may already have received the answer, as I begin to make a change in my business model.

I have a new mentor who knows my company’s space, and he introduced me to the COO of a competitor who is interested in licensing our software.

And we are hammering out details of a partnership that will allow my business to offer more products I hope will increase sales and help me get back on track with the plan.

Sometimes we get the answers and don’t even know it

I share this because it didn’t dawn on me I may already be working on the next right move. And sometimes we ask God for help and keep asking, and asking, and we aren’t aware we already have the answer.

Time will tell if this new partnership and new product offering are the right move…

How do you get clarity about what to do when you’re stuck in life and in business?

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Feature image credit: Chris Betcher Check, Mate.


  1. Good stuff James! I need to try meditation or at least taking a pause for focused thinking from time to time.

    For me, I’m very visual. Grabbing a pencil and pad allows me to start drawing out where I’m at and what might be next.

  2. I love every word of this article. I love the thought of going to the next right move and then the next and the next. I’m also happy you noted that people surrounding you advised you to raise capital before you thought it was the right time, and then into the future, it was the right time. There were things people advised me to do a year ago that was not right then but it’s right for the business now so I get it. Sitting still, meditating, using our intuition – I get it all. More good stuff James, and thanks for the Oprah clip. Love me some Oprah any day of the week.

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