Here’s How I Got Featured in Forbes as an Up and Coming Entrepreneur

This weekend I had the good fortune of being featured in as one of eighteen entrepreneurs who are up and coming, but who were rejected by the tv show Shark Tank. I’ve been rejected twice by “The Tank” despite making it past the first round of auditions both times.

Folks ask me all the time how I’m able to get PR like this on my own, so I thought I’d share the background story.


A great Facebook group

I’m in a lot of Facebook groups and one of my favorites is a closed group called, Shark Tank Entrepreneurs. The group is composed of people who’ve been on Shark Tank, have auditioned for The Tank, or entrepreneurs interested in engaging with and learning from other entrepreneurs. If you’re an entrepreneur, I highly recommend you join this group here.

One evening I was scrolling through the group page and noticed the woman who covers all things Shark Tank for Forbes magazine was writing an article about entrepreneurs who are doing their thing, have good ideas, but who were rejected by the show.

Naturally, I was all over this.

I sent the writer an email and complied with her specific requests-she thought my biz was cool and decided to include WeMontage and me in the article.

That’s it. No silver bullets or magic fairy dust. Just good old-fashioned hustling, and adding value to the Facebook group since I’ve been a member, which probably made her a little more comfortable including me in the article.


A quick favor

Articles like this in Forbes get promoted more by the magazine if there is lots of engagement. Here’s a link to my profile in the Forbes article. In addition to using the “Click To Tweet” button below, can you please share the Forbes article on your FB wall and add a little introductory comment about why your friends should read it?

Thank you!!


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A little bonus

The feature image for this article is the profile pic that was used for the Forbes article. What’s cool about it is the booth I am sitting in was designed by HGTV personality, Tiffany Brooks, for BlogHer 2013 while she was competing on HGTV’s interior design reality TV show, Design Star. Tiffany won the show a few weeks later and it’s been great watching her career take off.

Below is a fun interview I did during BlogHer I think you’ll enjoy.

Have a great holiday weekend.



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