Happy Father’s Day, dadpreneurs

Being a dad is something I’ve grown into these past two years since the twins were born. At first, I was like, what are these two lil’ things up in my house making all this noise and constantly disrupting my sleep?

Then I grew into the whole “dadpreneneur” thing after the business ran out of cash and I had to come home to take care of the twins and hustle to turn the biz around. At first, I was not into it. At all.

Then I realized this is a precious opportunity to bond with the kiddos, as they’ll only be this age once.


That moment I first felt like a dad

My friends at SheKnows asked me to tell them when I first felt like a dad. Here’s what I said:


I felt like a dad right after my twins were born; they were born 3 months prematurely because of complications my son was having, and only weighed two pounds at birth.

The day after their birth, I had to go two hours away by car to take part in a three-month startup accelerator, and I only got to see them in the NICU on the weekends. I was rooting so hard for them to pull through, and would get excited every weekend to see how much better they looked and hear the stories about how “well” they were doing.

I thought about the twins every day and loved spending time with them and my wife on the weekends during their two month stay in the NICU.


My favorite thing right now

Last weekend the family and I went to a Juneteenth festival. There was a Michael Jackson impersonator on stage when the song, Billie Jean, came on and I got the Holy Ghost while carrying my son, Thaddeus.

Nine years of marriage, a new business, and two kids later I’ve still got moves, baby. BAM!



The honor of being a dadpreneur

Being a dad is an important job. And being an entrepreneur while the kids are young gives me a chance to be a shining example to them of what is possible when you choose to live an authentic, purpose-driven life, and not make safe choices. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and take it very seriously.


Here’s to dads and dadpreneurs everywhere on this Father’s Day!


P.S., That’s me and the twins at the library in the feature image of this article. I take them to the library Friday mornings for story time.


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  1. That was an awesome video! You do still have the moves! 🙂 The dance moves are pretty pathetic here in this house. Happy Father’s Day, James!

  2. Absolutely love this and Happy Father’s Day to you, James!! You are so very deserving of the name, “Dad” more than you even know 😉

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