Follies of a stay-at-home dadpreneur

Any stay-at-home working parent knows how “interesting” it is to find time to get work done and look after the kiddos. You can look online and find many blogs made by parents who are juggling working from home and childcare. In addition to this, there are articles that suggest products to make working from home with younger children a lot easier-for instance, something like this lullaby bay baby monitor, which can help you to listen and see your child in their bedrooms while you’re in the living room trying to get some work done.

There are lots of articles out there on the best way to do all of this. Heck, I’ve even written a tongue-in-cheek post about the subject.

But the other day some funny $h!t happened and I wanted to share.

I was waiting on a morning show TV segment to air in Minneapolis; it was about ideas for graduation parties and my company was to be included.

I always record the live streaming and edit the segment down for immediate social sharing and marketing.

Two-year old learning to potty

Having a two-year old interested in learning to use the potty is where the story goes off the rails. Every 15 minutes now my daughter is pulling her pants off and yelling, “potty!,” so she can sit on the potty and flush it to see the lights flash and hear it go, “YAY!”

Like this:

If you listen closely, at the end of the flushing you can hear my daughter yelling, “Yay!”

I swear we are going through more diapers now than our local hospital new baby unit.

This time though, my daughter was being really good; she was playing with the iPad and hadn’t said anything about potty, even though I could see her diaper was sagging a bit.

About thirty minutes into the TV show without the segment airing, I decided to be a good dad and change her diaper; I thought this would be safe since TV shows will usually give you a preview of upcoming segments.

Murphy’s law

I put my laptop on the fireplace mantle near the changing station and proceeded to change my daughter’s diaper.

Five seconds later the graduation party segment was on air, without any notification!

Holy crap!

I’ve got a naked baby on the changing station and I’m NOT recording the segment. I fastened my daughter down, climbed over the gate that keeps the twins from mucking around in the changing area, grabbed the laptop and put it at my daughter’s feet and hoped she wouldn’t kick it off the changing station while I was recording the segment and changing her diaper.

No bueno TV segment

I rush to get my daughter changed and back down to play.

The segment was over and, while my product was on the set, the lifestyle “expert” never mentioned it.

Naturally, this was upsetting. Even more so because the lifestyle “expert” waited until the last-minute to firm things up with me and I had to use up a little good will with my printer to rush produce the product and I paid to ship it overnight.

My drunk alter ego, Tyrone, was not happy about this and it took all my strength to not do a Dr. Bruce Banner and send the “expert” a nasty gram.

P.S., The problem with Tyrone is he no longer only comes out when I’m buzzed. The stress of running a startup and raising twins the last two years has him out pretty much all the time.


Even though I didn’t get on this segment, I have another one coming up next week on a Phoenix TV show for Father’s Day gift ideas. So, it’s all good.

People who come to visit say we should have reality TV cameras in our home. There’s never a dull moment.

Do you work from home and take care of kids? What are some funny stories you can share?

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  1. I have to be honest and say without a doubt that I don’t miss potty try it one bit! But still, as I was reading you brought me back as you seriously never forget. And I could so tell you quite a few stories and than some though still!! 😉

  2. Trying to work from home with kids home is never easy. I have plenty of stories myself…but personally I think its even harder with the little ones. I can’t believe they never mentioned your product! 🙁

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