Are Parent Entrepreneurs Superheroes?

I opened the mail the other day and found something that put a HUGE smile on my face. And if you’re a parent and an entrepreneur this story is gonna make you smile, too.

While surfing the internet a few months ago, trying to connect with other dad bloggers, I stumbled across a website owned by Allan Branch, a dad and entrepreneur. The site is Less Accounting, and Allan fancies it as “bookkeeping software for business owners that dislike bookkeeping.” With many people looking to create their own business, they might find that may need help with their bookkeeping. Within a new business, it is not uncommon to find that a business is using someone similar to this Paro part-time CFO to help their bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is associated with all types of businesses, from father corporations to even the smallest businesses such as entrepreneurs, with some looking for nonprofit bookkeeping to help with their accounting and taxes. There are so many different types of bookkeeping and accounting firms that are often used by new business owners, and entrepreneurs as a way to keep track of their finances. Some freelancers and entrepreneurs often prefer to use an online bookkeeping business to help with their accounting as it is often convenient for them. Becoming an entrepreneur can seem a little daunting at first, but thankfully there are resources that can help even the newest parent entrepreneur get on their feet. It can also make you wonder what your children think of you taking on this non-conventional role. Fortunately, parent entrepreneurs like Allan are very much aware of this.

Which made what happened next even more amazing. Allan promised to send me a brochure about being a parent entrepreneur, just for visiting his site. Flash forward a few weeks and I got…THIS.

2014-11-08 22.08.20

I saw this title and cover and, as a dad of young twins, I was immediately moved. Allan says this book was inspired by a conversation he had with his seven-year old son, Jimmy.

My twins are only twenty-two months, but part of the reason I’m excited about being an entrepreneur and am determined to be successful is because I want to show them what’s possible when you follow your dreams and don’t make “safe” choices in life. Because, as I said, “It’s Risky Playing it Safe.”

Pages From The Book

2014-11-08 22.08.31

I can’t wait until my kids ask me this question. I only hope I would’ve successfully exited my business by then.

2014-11-09 10.27.37

These questions are just adorable!

2014-11-08 22.09.14

I love the “Sounds boring” comment.

2014-11-09 10.28.44

I can relate to Allan’s comment that he shares what he learns; that is why this blog exists. And of course, most entrepreneurs understand taking an idea and making it a reality. There is no easy part of this process. In fact, even international companies need the help of services like CloudPay when trying to manage their payroll.

2014-11-08 22.09.52

Being more present during family time is something I just wrote about and is important for me as the twins get older.

2014-11-08 22.10.12

If my kids think I’m a superhero because I’m an entrepreneur, it will be a life well lived for me.

I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did.

Please head over to Allan’s site and check out his biz and support it if it makes sense to do so. I’m gonna take a look myself.

What do your children think about you being an entrepreneur?

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  1. Very cool story. We all try to find that quality work/life balance… I’m happy to see and know it’s possible

    1. Thanks for commenting, Marc. I’m sure your kids must be inspired by you being the successful entrepreneur that you are.

      Please subscribe to the blog, so we can stay connected.

      As for work-life balance, I increasingly believe that’s a myth of some kind.

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