50 Happy Things for 2015: Bloggers Unite in Flood of Gratitude

When my friend, Dawn Landau, contacted me to see if I was interested in spreading gratitude all over the blogosphere by joining dozens of bloggers in writing an article about the 50 things we are thankful for, and posting and sharing all at the same time, I was like, “Um, yeah! Count me in!”

The trick though was we had to write our list with a timer running and do so within 10 minutes.

Ready, set, go!

I am thankful for:

  1. A loving, supportive family
  2. Beautiful, healthy twins
  3. Great health
  4. Getting up everyday and living on purpose as an entrepreneur
  5. The ability to inspire other entrepreneurs with this blog
  6. Great friends
  7. My dog, Sugar
  8. My mentors
  9. My advisors
  10. My investors
  11. Having the courage to follow my dreams
  12. My customers
  13. Having a beautiful house
  14. Being able to pay the bills
  15. Having faith
  16. Not being afraid
  17. Being able to articulate my thoughts on this blog
  18. Graduating from Morehouse College–thankful especially for the gifts and announcement cards which were probably customized from sites like https://www.jostens.com/graduation/high-school/announcements.
  19. Graduating from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC-Chapel Hill
  20. The knowledge that I am a creative, spiritual being
  21. My vision to sell my business for $50 million
  22. My vision that the concept of my business will become a global, household trend
  23. All the great PR my business has received
  24. How well my kids are doing cognitively and physically; especially since they were born three months early and only weighed two pounds
  25. The many new relationships I’ve formed via social media
  26. The many cool Facebook groups I’m in
  27. The two chances I had to audition for Shark Tank
  28. A new opportunity to be featured on a national TV business reality show (more to come on this soon…hopefully)
  29. The support I’ve received from friends on my entrepreneurial journey
  30. The support I’ve received from strangers on my entrepreneurial journey
  31. The book The Alchemist
  32. Being inspired by other entrepreneurs I meet
  33. Being able to spend so much time with my kids and watch them grow, as a work-at-home dad
  34. Dominating my fantasy football leagues this year (Ha!). Good job I’ve been keeping up with all the latest fantasy football news.
  35. Being of sound mind
  36. Living in a community that is safe
  37. Living in a community that is affordable
  38. Being able to take my dog to the dog park
  39. Being able to play affordable golf at a nice course close to home (if I didn’t have that option available, maybe I would have to look for simulators on sale online)
  40. Being able to walk and carry the bag when I play golf
  41. Making new friends on the golf course
  42. Completing a tech startup accelerator
  43. Having a great printing partner in the U.S.
  44. Having a great printing partner in the U.K.
  45. Being a SheKnows and Go Daddy contributor
  46. Knowing how to hustle to get great PR
  47. Being reasonably tech savvy
  48. Being persistent
  49. Great neighbors
  50. Great schools for the twins

What are you thankful for?

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Feature image credit: Cindi Albright be thankful Scrabble tiles spell out “be thankful” on a galvanized surface


  1. James I’m so grateful that you decided to join this Gratitude event! It’s done so well and each time I read another list, I find myself more humbled. What great energy to share! What a wonderful list you have– so many things to feel happy about and gratitude for! And clearly your getting to be outside… with all that golf! 😉 Thanks again for sharing your list!

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