3 Ways For Stay At Home Entrepreneurs To Work Efficiently When The Kids Are Awake

I know, I know. Another 3 ways list thing?! Yep, sorry.

As any stay at home parent entrepreneur will attest to, it’s challenging to get work done when you still gotta look after the kiddos. So here are three ways I think stay at home entrepreneurs can actually get work done while the kids are awake.


1. Have twins (or at least more than one child around the same age)




The beauty of having twins, like me, is when they get old enough, they entertain each other. Now, if you can’t have twins (tongue in cheek), maybe you can have more than one child around the same age. And yes, those are my kiddos in this pic; they are now 19 months.

All you gotta do is keep a close watch on them (good luck with that). And when it gets really quiet, you better check and see what’s going on, because it usually means they’re doing something you don’t want them to do! Like, in my case, climbing over the pillow fort I built and muckin’ around in the changing station area!


2. Ring fence those jokers while you’re working


Some people might think this is cruel, but those people don’t have twins (or multiple babies) and aren’t hustling from home.

Here’s a pic of a major part of our living room that’s been ring-fenced. I find it effective to sit on the sofa and work while the kiddos play together, and with all those toys you see-lord knows they have way too many toys. I purposely didn’t straighten up the toys before snapping this pic.




3. Snacks and treats


If the first two things don’t work, you can always bribe them with snacks and treats…I guess. Of course, if you get a delivery from somewhere like associatedcoffee.com, there’s nothing stopping you from having a few treats to keep yourself going whilst you try and work too!


Good luck out there trying to get your hustle on and look after the kiddos at the same time!

As a stay-at-home entrepreneur, how are you getting work done when the kids are awake?


  1. The first one, I was smiling from ear to ear at, because yes my girls being 16 months apart thankfully they do for the most part entertain and play with each other pretty nicely minus the times when they are fighting over sharing. Nothing is perfect I suppose, but still like you thankful for the small things in life indeed 🙂

  2. Oh man! I haven’t a clue how you work with those two around!! When my twins were born I did almost nothing and worked OUTSIDE the house (at my fitness studio) because there is just no way. My hat is off to you my friend! And yes, I absolutely fenced those boys in when they were that age. It was for their own safety since the usually went in opposite directions toward danger at the same time! The good news is that it definitely gets easier as they get older! Until then – good luck! 🙂

  3. Haha. I can’t even get work with teenagers around. Can you drive me here? Can I borrow that? Can you make me guacamole (yes really, this is an almost daily request, and no store bought won’t do) Can you look at this? And that doesn’t even include refereeing arguments (they never argue). Fences are a great thing for the little ones (because they get into everything!) and if you didn’t neaten that area up, then my house looks like a tornado came through. Laughing…

    1. So hilarious!! Thanks for stopping by. OH! I just finished my first food post, which will publish tomorrow. Lower your image expectations though. They won’t be all “pinterest sexy.” Haha.

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