3 Tips For Black Parents To Manage Racism At Home, By Dr. Nekeshia Hammond

Like many of you parents out there, since COVID-19 hit I’ve been trying to get and keep my mind right. I decided I would look for opportunities within the COVID crisis to shoot my shot and interview people like Mark Cuban and Seth Godin.

But then George Floyd happened and I’ve been crying a lot lately and I know a lot of you out there aren’t doing ok.

I reached out to renowned psychologist, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond to get some tips about what Black parents can do to manage racism for themselves and their children.

If you don’t know Dr. Hammond, she is an authority in child psychology with a specific mission to help parents of children dealing with ADHD. She owns Hammond Psychology & Associates. And she is an international best-selling author with her book, ADHD Explained: What Every Parent Needs To Know.

Basically, she’s a boss.

Here are Dr. Hammonds three tips.

3 Tips For Black Parents To Manage Racism At Home, By Dr. Nekeshia Hammond #BlackLivesMatter #MentalHealth Click To Tweet

3 Tips for Black parents to manage racism at home

  1. Please have continuous conversations with your children about racism, police brutality, and how this all impacts them. If you have very young children, CNN and Sesame Street held an excellent town hall on racism for children and families, which included Sesame street characters and different experts on the topic.

    If you have teens, please recognize they have already been exposed to multiple videos and traumatic images of murder, assault, and injustices for many years throughout social media. While a conversation with a teen will be different, it is equally important for your children to know your values and how you are a source of support for them. Let teens know their options to advocate and help them understand that their voice matters, too!

You can see the CNN/Sesame Street town hall here–>.

  1. It’s okay to not know the solutions to everything related to racism. Many Black parents right now are being bombarded by well-meaning friends, colleagues, social media, and news stations, all while still having to parent. This can be an overwhelming time and heavy.

    Do the best you can and stay educated on how to best help your children.

Dr. Hammond recommends Successful Black Parenting Magazine to help with tip number 2.

  1. Self-care is VITAL during this time. As a Black parent, watching all of the horrific videos and hearing multiple news reports of police brutality, racism, discrimination, and prejudice can take a toll on you.

    Recognize when you need to take time to heal from the racial trauma that is happening. Please take care of yourself, so you can be the most supportive parent that your child needs right now.

A resource Dr. Hammond recommends to understand how race-related stress affects you and your relationship with your child is this American Psychological Association tool.

If you are available June 17th, Dr. Hammond is hosting a zoom call about our children’s mental state after George Floyd. See details below:

Thank you, Dr. Hammond, for stopping by and helping us out with this very important topic.

3 Tips For Black Parents To Manage Racism At Home, By Dr. Nekeshia Hammond #BlackLivesMatter #MentalHealth Click To Tweet