3 Reasons To Support Small Businesses

Small businesses are critical to the success of our nation. So, I was THRILLED when I stumbled across a live video stream on Facebook from entrepreneur and media bad ass, Mario Armstrong. Yep, I said Facebook video streaming (à la Periscope); it’s only available for the ballers though-apparently. 🙂

Mario passionately implored viewers to give their support for Small Business Saturday and gave two pretty compelling reasons to do so:

  1. Small businesses employ more people than large businesses.
  2. Small businesses don’t have the same cash reserves as large companies, so EVERY dollar matters!

Even small businesses are in need of software to support their business to help it run smoother in order for it to thrive, if you are interested in some mentoring software which is designed for youth mentoring systems, then you should check out Together Platform. This workplace software will benefit your small business and it’s participants, helping your business grow in an ethical yet small manner, supporting your growth. The main goal for every business is to grow, and in order to do that, many tend to rely on software like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and similar others to manage their daily operations. In fact, many companies like Syte Group (https://sytecg.com/) provide these benefits to those businesses looking forward to establishing themselves. Integrating all of the processes and allowing data to flow freely between them has become a challenge for many organizations, resulting in a lot of chaos. An ERP software aims to bridge these issues for a firm.

Additionally, as your company expands, continuous monitoring of the IT systems is required, and a dedicated team should be available to resolve problems before you are aware of them. If the firm is on a starting stage, a team of IT experts wouldn’t be mostly available within the company. Herefore, the company might need to take assistance from professionals at an IT support in Denver CO firm, or from those within the locale. As a business grows, it will become busier and will become more time-consuming. When this happens, some businesses will need to consider outsourcing some of their more difficult jobs. For example, some businesses will consider getting help with their bookkeeping and payroll services to give themselves more time to focus on business growth. As your business gets busier, it might be a good idea to outsource these services. Perhaps some businesses might want to visit https://www.pherrus.com.au/bookkeeping-and-payroll-services-sydney/ to see if those services could be useful to keep the financial sides of the business going whilst the business owner focuses on continuing the growth of the company.

Additionally, I then saw this graphic online, which is a good third reason to support small businesses:

small biz

Without further ado, here’s Mario telling you why should support small businesses.

That is all!

P.S., You should join Mario’s Facebook group, the Never Settle Club, it’s filled with people making their passion their life’s work. Just search it on Facebook and request to join. Tell them I sent ya!

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  1. So true. After living in Denver for 18 years, I moved my family to a small town in north Idaho in 2013. Small businesses are the lifeblood of this community and we proudly keep them in business so that there aren’t any empty windows.

  2. Thanks James really appreciate this! Pumped that you shared such an important topic to your audience. It’s CRITICAL that we think about our spending and where those dollars are going!

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