3 Insightful Takeaways From Ignoring Customers On Social Media

Paying attention to customers on social media seems like an obvious thing to do. After all, you’ve spent all that time building your social media following. You might have even gone out of your way to find the best site to buy TikTok likes to improve your TikTok game with the younger audience. But some companies just don’t get it; they ignore customers and do so at their own peril. I recently had an experience with an organic tomato sauce brand that I contacted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and they NEVER answered me. I responded to being ignored by purchasing their competitor’s product for the next six months.

If you’re not paying attention on social media, your customers are probably abandoning you. I found a terrific infographic via Brickfish that shows why being attentive to customers on social media is so important.

Here are three key takeaways from Brickfish’s research:

1. Brands only answer 20% of messages that require a response

This is simply amazing and a head scratcher. What the heck are companies doing, if they’re not responding to customers on social media? Don’t pick which messages to reply to, every customer deserves a response. Try and respond to 100% of your messages, it sounds a lot, but you want their business.

2. For brands that do respond, it takes them at least 8 hours to do so

I don’t even know what to say about this. It’s so important that you make time to respond to customers who are interested in buying your products, and therefore helping you out. You need to respond to them, or they will take their business elsewhere and purchase one of your competitors’ products instead. Don’t lose business, make the time to check your emails and social medias everyday. 71% of customers who receive a quick and effective response on social media are more likely to recommend your brand to other people.

3. Respond and get recommended

If you have a business with social media profiles, be sure to quickly communicate with your customers when they engage with you. This will work in your favor in the long run. Word will get out about your business, and your social media accounts will see more activity as a result of this. When users don’t really see the numbers they want to see, some of them decide to enlist the help of a growth service, (most use nitreo) to give their following a bit of a boost and to assist them in reaching a wider audience. But you wouldn’t have to do this if you communicate with your followers on a regular basis. Sometimes, businesses are so busy that they can’t find the spare time to reply to a message straight away. However, it’s still important to make time for your customers. Most social media platforms make it easy for businesses to reply to messages quickly.

Recently, brands on Instagram were happy to find out that they could now access their messages online. By downloading apps, from companies like igdm, businesses can reply to a customer’s instagram dm much quicker than before.

Alternatively, people using LinkedIn as a digital marketing application for their products or brands might want to invest in supportive software/app like a LinkedIn automation tool. It can send pre-drafted, humanlike quick messages and replies to clients so that you can contact them back when you have a free moment. Thus, you can keep building your business without losing already existing customers.

Being able to respond to customers is especially valuable for small companies that need every advantage possible to compete with larger businesses.

How quickly are you getting back to your customers on social media?

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Here is the Brickfish infographic:

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Feature image credit: Bloei.se www.bloeise.nl.thomas lapperre


  1. James, it amazes me how big companies seem to forget that it is their customers that can totally make or break them. So I am with you and scratching my head on this indeed.

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