3 Cheese, Panko, Balsamic Chicken Parmesan

This past weekend I made one of my favorites, chicken parmesan! But I like to mix it up a bit and try things differently sometimes, and doing so has led me to an interesting twist on chicken parm.

The twist? No mozzarella cheese.

Hey, I like ooey, gooey melted mozzarella like the next dude, but I wanted to try a cheese with a more distinct flavor. Enter Romano, Parmesan, and Asiago cheeses. I use Belgioso salad blend-it comes freshly shaved in a 5oz. container.


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Chicken With Basil and Parmesan Cream Sauce

Hustling on my business and taking care of the twins is time consuming, and being the primary cook in the house for the whole family, I’m always looking for ways to whip up a tasty, somewhat-healthy meal, as quickly as possible. Today I got inspired to make a new dish. It was really easy, super-tasty, and only took about 40 minutes to make.

Here’s a photo and list of all the ingredients I used. As usual, I forgot to include something in the pic. This time it was the organic bowtie pasta, small bunch of fresh basil, and store-bought, julienne-cut sun-dried tomatoes. (more…)

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