Hustling To Go From Underdog To Top Dog

Everyone loves an underdog. Why? Because we secretly want them to become the top dog. This is true in business, too, which is why shows like Shark Tank and The Profit are so popular.

I’m excited to share with you a podcast interview I did with Nikki and Trey Lewis, the husband and wife duo behind the delicious treat company, The Mallow Bar, and the podcast Biz Underdog To Top Dog. Nikki and Trey interviewed me and we talked about entrepreneurship and hustling for PR to become top dog in business.

I mentioned The Profit earlier; here’s a sneak peek of a video interview Nikki did with Marcus Lemonis from The Profit, for Inc. Magazine: (more…)

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How Starting with WHY Got My Biz Mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

As entrepreneurs, we know we must always try to find creative ways to connect with new audiences. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a chance to do just that as a new contributor to’s popular blog for small businesses, The Garage.

And this article has been republished on The Garage for a new, larger audience to enjoy.

You can find the article here–>




Feature image credit: Sarah Marshall Wall Street Journal watermelon

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Entrepreneurs: Sometimes When You Lose, You Win (part 2)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I share both the good and the “bad” of my entrepreneurial journey. Anyone grinding out there knows too well the feeling of defeat. But if you’ve been consistently grinding, you also know sometimes situations that seem bad at first have a way of coming back around in your favor.

I’d like to share two such stories to inspire all you entrepreneurs to hang in there because you never know what’s gonna happen.


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Why startups can’t rely on PR for sales

If you have a startup, PR can be awesome for business.

I recently wrote about the importance of PR and suggested working with an agency and hustling on your own to get media exposure. That self-hustling piece is great because there is something magical about the way a founder or CEO can communicate her/his passion to a blogger or journalist. You’ll likely already have a decent idea of how to do this if you’ve ever had to present a startup pitch to potential investors.

I’ve written myriad times on this blog about how PR has saved my ass and generated sales for my biz, which helped me raise another round of capital.

But I never expected to score a HUGE media placement in a leading national lifestyle publication and have no results to show for it.

New media provides so many opportunities to get your name out there. Where some people may choose to Sync Salesforce and ActiveCampaign apps, in the hopes of creating a larger database of customers to reach out too, some may still use business cards as a way of networking and getting in touch with prospective clients. You can get your hands on some cheap business cards quickly online, but ultimately it’s how you use them as an effective tool that matters. Are the old methods still gold? Time will tell.


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