Entrepreneurs: Where Do You Find Inspiration?

The other day I had a flash of inspiration. Normally that wouldn’t be such a big deal, except, after I thought about it for a second, I realized I haven’t been inspired in the last eighteen months.

So, I was excited to see my old friend (inspiration) paying me a visit, because that is how I’ve gotten as far as I have with my business. Entrepreneurs are constantly thinking of new businesses they could build, rather than following a traditional career path sticking to one industry. Most recently I’ve been interested in the potential of social trading on somewhere like the Etoro trading platform, as it allows those without much trading experience to get into the game. It could be a lucrative option for a business!

Then I started wondering, what is inspiration? How do other entrepreneurs find it? And do they (other entrepreneurs) value it as much as I do? You can take courses to learn the basic skills of being an entrepreneur, such as those offered by the solo institute, but inspiration is what gives you your passion and your USP. (more…)

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