No One Cares What You Want

Everyone is über busy and if you want something from people for your business, it’s best to let them respond to you at their convenience-and the best way to do this is email. And if you don’t know the person from whom you need help, knowing how to send cold emails is very important. Yesterday I received a cold email from someone and I want to share it as an example of how not to send a cold email. Don’t worry there are plenty of specialists in the field of Cold Email Services. Just make sure you use the right one! To be fair, the email wasn’t horrible, but it turned me off, so it wasn’t effective for the sender. (more…)

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Hustling To Go From Underdog To Top Dog

Everyone loves an underdog. Why? Because we secretly want them to become the top dog. This is true in business, too, which is why shows like Shark Tank and The Profit are so popular.

I’m excited to share with you a podcast interview I did with Nikki and Trey Lewis, the husband and wife duo behind the delicious treat company, The Mallow Bar, and the podcast Biz Underdog To Top Dog. Nikki and Trey interviewed me and we talked about entrepreneurship and hustling for PR to become top dog in business.

I mentioned The Profit earlier; here’s a sneak peek of a video interview Nikki did with Marcus Lemonis from The Profit, for Inc. Magazine: (more…)

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Why I’m Using Groupon To Grow My Business

If you read this blog regularly, you know I’m always trying new things to get traction for my business. And if you’re an entrepreneur, you know if you try ten new things only one or two of them will work. This is not my current idea but a couple of months ago, I decided to take a look at these high quality custom umbrellas by after they were recommended to me by a friend who runs his own business. He uses them to create better brand awareness for his company and he’s already started to see improvements. It’s something different than using business cards all the time and an item that everyone needs, (especially if you live in a place that has a lot of rain). Even creating something like personalised lanyards, for example, is pretty unique. As well as this being something that all the staff members can wear, it also raises brand awareness which is what business owners want to do. I’ve tried all the standard methods of raising brand awareness, some of which have worked a real treat, like trade shows which triggered a huge unexpected influx of customers. I’d recommend it to anyone, and don’t forget your trade show banner because it is the most eye-catching aspect of any stall. I’m ready to try more innovative ideas now, and this brings me to my new idea. So, I’m really excited my latest hair-brained scheme is actually working!

What’s my latest hair-brained scheme, you ask? Why, it’s a national Groupon campaign.


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Entrepreneurs: Sometimes When You Lose, You Win (part 2)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I share both the good and the “bad” of my entrepreneurial journey. Anyone grinding out there knows too well the feeling of defeat. But if you’ve been consistently grinding, you also know sometimes situations that seem bad at first have a way of coming back around in your favor.

I’d like to share two such stories to inspire all you entrepreneurs to hang in there because you never know what’s gonna happen.


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How I Will Grow My Startup After Scraping By Last Year

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I pour my heart into every article and authentically share my experiences good and bad. You also know 2014 was a roller coaster year for me and my business.

I’m happy to tell you that because of the success the business enjoyed at the end of 2014, I was able to close a round of investment capital to address the key business issues/opportunities as I see them.

And I get to fight on to be a shining example to my young twins of what’s possible when one chooses to live a life of passion and purpose.

In this article I’ll:

  • Transparently show sales and website conversion data.
  • Discuss what I think the opportunities are to sustainably grow the business.
  • Reveal goals for the year.
  • And share a list of important lessons I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey that I hope you find helpful.


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3 Ways The Ghetto Helped Me Be a Better Entrepreneur

I grew up poor and in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. It might be cliché to say I had lots of friends who were either killed or in jail at some point, but it’s true. And being cliché doesn’t make it any less f#@ked up.

While growing up in the ghetto was tough, and I feel incredibly lucky to have made it “out”, there were three really valuable things it taught me that have made me a better entrepreneur.  (more…)

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Luck and Hustle Matter: Part Deux

I recently guest wrote an article about the importance of luck and hustle. Today something really cool happened and I want to reiterate why it’s important to just keep hustling, no matter what. Because the more we hustle, the luckier we get.

I’m a member of a Facebook group for entrepreneurs called the #NeverSettleClub; it’s a semi-private group started and curated by the amazing, Emmy Award-winning, Mario Armstrong.

On a recent webcast, Mario talked about the importance of building your community before you need to use it to help with your business. And he emphasized building a strong local base of support. I was skeptical about how this would work for ‘trepLife Dad because I don’t live in a large metropolitan area. But Mario pushed back and challenged me to think differently.

The result a few weeks later is pretty amazing…


never settle club (more…)

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Luck and Hustle Matter

luck and hustle matter

People are amazed I was able to get my “little tech startup, WeMontage, made in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin, featured on the TODAY Show, and most recently on NPR, and they ask, “How did you do that?”


Conventional wisdom says a blog post needs to be titled “3 steps to…blah, blah, blah” in order to be viewed, shared, commented on, etc. But this ain’t that.


There are no silver bullets or three steps to moving your startup forward and breaking through all the clutter to get the attention of your target market (at least not that I’ve seen).


The rest of this post is on a blog run by my friends over at Optimal Digital Marketing. Click here to read it–> 

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