Dear Parents of Young Kids: These ARE The Good Old Days

My twins recently turned three, and I had an epiphany: these ARE the good old days.

If you ever talk to people whose kids are grown now, you know what I mean. Parents whose kids have gone off to college and/or now have their own children will tell you how fast the time flies, and many of them long for the days when their kids snuggled up to them after kissing their boo-boo, or gave them a kiss just because.

Here’s a wonderful article that drives these thoughts home via The Huffington Post written by my blogger friend, Dawn Q Landau, titled, Dreaming Of The Days When My Grown Sons Adored Their “Mommy.”


I’ve also heard some parents describe the experience of having young kids as “long days and short years.” I agree with this, but think it’s not just the years that are short, but the months, too.  (more…)

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The Birth of My Premature Twins Was Traumatic, Today They Turned Three

It was December, 2012 and my wife was 6 months pregnant with our twins when we went in for an ultrasound checkup; it was all normal.

Until it wasn’t.

The technician noticed a problem with my son’s placenta and blood flow, which caused him to be under-sized, as he wasn’t getting proper nourishment. If the blood started to flow backward, we would have to immediately deliver both babies, or else my son wouldn’t make it. (more…)

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Here’s What Happens When You Support a Small Business

A good friend of mine posted this article’s feature image on his Facebook page; he recently left a successful career in corporate marketing, and is now an entrepreneur. He posted the following quote along with the photo:


This is so true. I never saw it this way but it is a reality. – Roger G.


As someone who has been on the entrepreneurial grind for about four years now, who has made MANY sacrifices along the way, and is a dad of three year-old twins, this photo resonates deeply with me.

For this post, in addition to the items listed in the feature image, I’m going to list a few other ways supporting small businesses is helpful.

And I’d like you to add to this list by leaving additional helpful items in the comments section. I will update this list with all of your input. It would be great to see this list grow to well over 100 items.

To be clear, I ain’t at all mad at the big company CEO for building her third holiday home-more power to her. But people need to know their support of small businesses MATTERS.

Ready? GO!


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If Your Kids Are Terrible 2, For Treacherous 3s, Better Up Your Liquor Game

I am a dad of two and a half year-old twins. My kids are great. They’re super kewt, smart, and well, they’re my kids, so I love them.

But this Terrible 2 thing is giving me gray hair. Every time I mention the Terrible 2s to a parent, without fail, their reply is something like, “Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait ’till they turn three; it gets worse!”

In my mind I’m like, seriously?! OMG! What the hell am I gonna do?!

I posted the following comment on Facebook and the hilarity that ensued in the comments inspired this post:


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 7.55.35 AM (more…)

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Are Parent Entrepreneurs Superheroes?

I opened the mail the other day and found something that put a HUGE smile on my face. And if you’re a parent and an entrepreneur this story is gonna make you smile, too.

While surfing the internet a few months ago, trying to connect with other dad bloggers, I stumbled across a website owned by Allan Branch, a dad and entrepreneur. The site is Less Accounting, and Allan fancies it as “bookkeeping software for business owners that dislike bookkeeping.” With many people looking to create their own business, they might find that may need help with their bookkeeping. Within a new business, it is not uncommon to find that a business is using someone similar to this Paro part-time CFO to help their bookkeeping.

What was remarkable though is Allan promised to send me a brochure about being a parent entrepreneur, just for visiting his site. Flash forward a few weeks and I got…THIS. (more…)

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Parent Entrepreneurs: Are You Present During Family Time?

As a tech entrepreneur who is rabid about giving outstanding service to my customers, I struggle to disconnect from work, even when I’m supposed to be spending quality time with my family. So much so, my wife used to constantly be “on me” about putting my phone down to engage with the twins.

I am not proud of this.

I recently spoke with my wife, Ayana, and asked her what she thought about how “present” I am with her and the kids now compared to the last eighteen months.  (more…)

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Is There Life After Death (Of a Startup)?

I’m blessed to be able to wake up every day and chase my dream of making my startup, WeMontage, a household name. As is often the case, the path to realization of this dream has been circuitous, to say the least, and it has taken a toll on family relationships.


Birth and Death

After raising investment capital in 2013, the business ran out of cash last spring and my investors, after giving indications to the contrary, decided at the last-minute to not re-invest in the business. Because we ran out of cash, my partner quit, and I’ve been mostly alone, grinding, trying to turn things around. (more…)

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