Entrepreneurs: Sometimes When You Lose, You Win (part 2)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I share both the good and the “bad” of my entrepreneurial journey. Anyone grinding out there knows too well the feeling of defeat. But if you’ve been consistently grinding, you also know sometimes situations that seem bad at first have a way of coming back around in your favor.

I’d like to share two such stories to inspire all you entrepreneurs to hang in there because you never know what’s gonna happen.


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An interview with my take on being an entrepreneur/husband/father

I read a lot about how to build your personal brand. One key to doing so is to tell your story – over, and over, and over again.

Thanks to using that approach, I was able to land an interview with Jeff Engel, a writer at Xconomy, which is a national publication:


Dedicated to providing business and technology leaders with timely, insightful, close-to-the-scene information about the local personalities, companies, and technological trends that best exemplify today’s high-tech economy.


“Technology leader” –  I kinda like the sound of that. 🙂 

Here’s a link to Jeff’s article, which I hope you find inspirational.

Be well, everyone!

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Entrepreneurs Solve Problems They See

I just finished reading a blog post about how to come up with an idea for your next business. The article was about one thousand words long when it could have just been one sentence.

What little I know about how to come up with a business idea I learned from my experience as an entrepreneur and it was summed up in a one-liner in this NPR roundtable discussion I participated in about the importance of diversity in technology.


How Do You Come Up With A Business Idea?

One of the NPR panelists said it best: “People solve problems that they see.”

That’s it. No one thousand word article needed. (more…)

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