How Starting with WHY Got My Biz Mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

As entrepreneurs, we know we must always try to find creative ways to connect with new audiences. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a chance to do just that as a new contributor to’s popular blog for small businesses, The Garage.

And this article has been republished on The Garage for a new, larger audience to enjoy.

You can find the article here–>




Feature image credit: Sarah Marshall Wall Street Journal watermelon

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Entrepreneurs, How Do You Manage Expectations?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat! Ok, so I stole that line from the iconic, old school ABC Wide World of Sports intro:



But on the road to basking in your entrepreneurial victories and bouncing back from your agonizing defeats, there are lots of things you are doing for your business that you expect will have a positive impact on sales. It’s terrific when your strategies and tactics work, but how do you manage your mental health when things don’t go as planned? And if you’re anything like me, this happens a lot.

I started thinking about the psychology of expectations and stumbled across an interesting article by Tali Sharot, Ph.D., titled, Should You Manage Your Expectations? 

I’d like to share a few interesting take aways from the article.


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Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms Asks Me My Biggest Biz Problem

A few weeks ago, Jill Salzman, founder of The Founding Moms, asked me to write a guest blog post about the importance of a supportive spouse for entrepreneurs. Last week Jill and her partner, Brad, interviewed me for the podcast, Breaking Down Your Business, where they tackle the most complex small business questions of our day.

Jill and Brad are loud and nuts, so I was right at home on their show.


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If Your Kids Are Terrible 2, For Treacherous 3s, Better Up Your Liquor Game

I am a dad of two and a half year-old twins. My kids are great. They’re super kewt, smart, and well, they’re my kids, so I love them.

But this Terrible 2 thing is giving me gray hair. Every time I mention the Terrible 2s to a parent, without fail, their reply is something like, “Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait ’till they turn three; it gets worse!”

In my mind I’m like, seriously?! OMG! What the hell am I gonna do?!

I posted the following comment on Facebook and the hilarity that ensued in the comments inspired this post:


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 7.55.35 AM (more…)

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3 Tips For Entrepreneurs To Manage Fear And Anxiety

If you’re an entrepreneur, feeling anxiety and fear is probably something you experience regularly. When I say regularly, I mean daily, in some cases.

Anxiety is caused by fear, and I think of it as fear’s younger, impetuous cousin.

For entrepreneurs, managing fear is the most important thing she/he has to learn to maintain her/his mental health, which matters because a positive frame of mind leads to better results for her/his business.

Conversely, a negative mindset, brought on by fear, keeps you from making connections you need for your business because successful people don’t want to associate with negative people. And a negative mindset often prohibits you from receiving the inspiration you need to move your business forward.

In the worst case, fear leads to depression, which if not treated, can lead to the unthinkable. (more…)

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What Do I Tell My Son?

While reading my article at BlogHer15, in which I expressed my teary-eyed frustration with the lack of an indictment of the police officers who killed Eric Garner, I asked the question, “What am I supposed to tell my son?”

What do I tell my son about how to conduct himself as a young man to not be harassed by the police?

What do I tell my son about how to not get beaten by the police?

What do I tell my son to make sure he’s not killed by the police for no good reason?

What the f#@k am I supposed to tell my son?


Afterward, so many people, men and women, Black and white, shared their concern about the situation, telling me they don’t know what to tell their sons, either.


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3 Tips For New Entrepreneurs to Survive The Crickets – #BlabChat

I teamed up with TODAY Show contributor and media entrepreneur, Mario Armstrong, and his right-hand-man, Shy Mukerjee, to offer tips for new entrepreneurs about how to manage the crickets that are sure to come.

You know, crickets: when you call, and call, and call, or email a potential customer or strategic partner, and they NEVER get back to you. It’s like you don’t exist.

Oh, the joy!


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Entrepreneurs: What’s Your Move To Take Your Biz to The Next Level?

One of my favorite audio books is The Hard Thing About Hard Things, by venture capitalist legend, Ben Horowitz, and I had two key takeaways from it:

  1. The only difference between successful and unsuccessful CEOs is the successful ones never quit. That’s it. Not being super-smart, or having the best product or service. Just not quitting.
  2. When a CEO is struggling with her business there is always a move she can make that might turn her fortunes around. She just has to be persistent enough to discover what the move is, and have the fortitude to make it.

It’s the second point I want to talk about in this post.


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Entrepreneurs: Sometimes When You Lose, You Win (part 2)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I share both the good and the “bad” of my entrepreneurial journey. Anyone grinding out there knows too well the feeling of defeat. But if you’ve been consistently grinding, you also know sometimes situations that seem bad at first have a way of coming back around in your favor.

I’d like to share two such stories to inspire all you entrepreneurs to hang in there because you never know what’s gonna happen.


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Entrepreneurs: Do you use pain to push you to greatness?

On the path to fulfilling our dreams, or personal legend (as described in the book, The Alchemist), and becoming great, there will be moments of triumph, and moments of pain.

This morning I saw a great graphic in the Facebook Group, StartupDadHQ, and the timing could not have been more perfect, as my day yesterday was painful as hell. What I found interesting was my response to the pain.

I’d like to share something amazing that happened, and something pretty challenging. Then my self-observation, which I think might be insightful for some entrepreneurs, and I suspect many others will be like, “Yep, I totally get that.”  (more…)

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