Sometimes On Your Entrepreneurial Journey Shit Will Go Sideways. Whatchu Gone Do?

Hard to believe it was 5 years ago my business WeMontage was featured on the Today Show.

On your entrepreneurial journey, things won’t always go as planned. It probably won’t be a hockey stick growth experience for you.

There were issues with our business model and the biz shut down late 2017. The pricing strategy wasn’t right. The lack of focus on businesses (instead of consumers) wasn’t right. And the marketing focus on smaller sizes was wrong.

Today I’m grateful to say the business is relaunched and the biz model concerns are being addressed.

It’s not that you get knocked down, it’s that you get back up, and do so with as little negative energy affecting your subconscious as possible.

Because that negative energy shit is like an albatross.

Trust me on that one.

What are the big challenges with your business model you need to address? What can you do today to take one step towards doing things better?

Is there anything I can do to help you?


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