How Do You Let Customers Know What To Expect From Your Product?

I need your help!

Normally I share things I’ve learned. Today I need your help with a problem.

I have a feeling it’s a big problem, and if I can solve it, maybe it will smooth the path to product-market fit and FINALLY let me begin to scale my business.

I created an entirely new product category when I launched my company, and no one is Googling “photo collages on removable wallpaper.” On my site, I have welcome videos, videos of product features on national TV, testimonials, and a gallery page with customer photos and more testimonials.


The Problem

I might have a problem with users not knowing exactly what to expect when they order my product.

I’ve always had customers remark at how beautiful the product is once they get it. But twice in the last few weeks, I’ve had customers say they love it, but it wasn’t what they expected.



Customer Feedback

Here’s an email exchange with a recent customer.


OMG!! I am in love with my montage!!! Not what I expected at all!! – Gina


My response:


Hey Gina,

I was wondering about a comment you made. You said it wasn’t at all what you expected. Based on what you saw before purchasing, what were you expecting? I’m trying to figure out how I can better communicate what we do.

Thanks for your help.


Gina’s response:


Hey James,

I was concerned about the clarity of the pictures I chose. Everything looks great when digital, but being turned into something for print, it’s not the same. That was all.

All my guests love it. The texture and the colors are amazing.


Then I had another conversation with a potential customer who wants to place a large order, and to whom I sent a 3′ x 2′ sample using her photos, so she could be comfortable before ordering. And she too remarked at how great the quality was and how much she liked the texture of the product. And that it wasn’t at all what she expected!


I’ve worked so hard to communicate the company’s value proposition, show social proof for credibility, and share customer photos and testimonials, but, clearly, I am missing the mark somewhere.


How Should I Better Manage Customer Expectations? 

Overall, I think once removable photo wallpaper becomes a thing, people will be more comfortable ordering from us. It’s kinda like photos on canvas wraps-most people know what that is already and are probably comfortable ordering it from a company they believe is reputable.

I don’t believe in silver bullets, so I’m not necessarily expecting one thing to immediately solve this problem. I did, however, remember I have this old product introduction video that I’m going to put back on the site towards the top of the page in the “What is a WeMontage” area.

I think this might help some because it talks about and shows installation, the product going on and off the wall, and compares it to something people are already familiar with-cotton fabric.



What do you guys think I should do to better manage customer expectations about what the product is? Please keep in mind any ideas should be reasonably easy to execute.

Please share your thoughts in the comments.


Thanks SOOOOOO much for your help!!



Feature image credit: Damian Gadal Surprise Digital Art

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