My pitch on a radio show founded by a former Shark Tank shark

A few weeks ago I was invited to join a Facebook group for people who appeared on-or auditioned for-the popular TV show, Shark Tank; this group is amazing! It has so many entrepreneurs who are out there making it happen!

Last Friday I received a Facebook message from Marla Tabaka who found me in the Shark Tank Facebook group and asked me if I would be interested in pitching my business on her live radio show, Big Pitch Radio, which is hosted by Kevin Harrington, who appeared on Shark Tank as a shark, along with Marla, who is successful in her own right and is an Inc. magazine author, and Jason Garey, another successful entrepreneur.

The show airs in 37 cities with a potential audience reach of eight million listeners. So naturally, I was pumped to do it and I thought it would be fun.  (more…)

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Hustling To Go From Underdog To Top Dog

Everyone loves an underdog. Why? Because we secretly want them to become the top dog. This is true in business, too, which is why shows like Shark Tank and The Profit are so popular.

I’m excited to share with you a podcast interview I did with Nikki and Trey Lewis, the husband and wife duo behind the delicious treat company, The Mallow Bar, and the podcast Biz Underdog To Top Dog. Nikki and Trey interviewed me and we talked about entrepreneurship and hustling for PR to become top dog in business.

I mentioned The Profit earlier; here’s a sneak peek of a video interview Nikki did with Marcus Lemonis from The Profit, for Inc. Magazine: (more…)

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How Starting with WHY Got My Biz Mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

As entrepreneurs, we know we must always try to find creative ways to connect with new audiences. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a chance to do just that as a new contributor to’s popular blog for small businesses, The Garage.

And this article has been republished on The Garage for a new, larger audience to enjoy.

You can find the article here–>




Feature image credit: Sarah Marshall Wall Street Journal watermelon

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Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms Asks Me My Biggest Biz Problem

A few weeks ago, Jill Salzman, founder of The Founding Moms, asked me to write a guest blog post about the importance of a supportive spouse for entrepreneurs. Last week Jill and her partner, Brad, interviewed me for the podcast, Breaking Down Your Business, where they tackle the most complex small business questions of our day.

Jill and Brad are loud and nuts, so I was right at home on their show.


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If Your Kids Are Terrible 2, For Treacherous 3s, Better Up Your Liquor Game

I am a dad of two and a half year-old twins. My kids are great. They’re super kewt, smart, and well, they’re my kids, so I love them.

But this Terrible 2 thing is giving me gray hair. Every time I mention the Terrible 2s to a parent, without fail, their reply is something like, “Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait ’till they turn three; it gets worse!”

In my mind I’m like, seriously?! OMG! What the hell am I gonna do?!

I posted the following comment on Facebook and the hilarity that ensued in the comments inspired this post:


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 7.55.35 AM (more…)

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3 Tips For New Entrepreneurs to Survive The Crickets – #BlabChat

I teamed up with TODAY Show contributor and media entrepreneur, Mario Armstrong, and his right-hand-man, Shy Mukerjee, to offer tips for new entrepreneurs about how to manage the crickets that are sure to come.

You know, crickets: when you call, and call, and call, or email a potential customer or strategic partner, and they NEVER get back to you. It’s like you don’t exist.

Oh, the joy!


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Spirits dadpreneur started with WHY when launching new biz

I am excited to introduce you to a great guy, Simon Ford.

Simon and I worked together at The ABSOLUT Spirits company before it was acquired by Pernod Ricard in 2008. Back then, Simon was a respected taste maker in the spirits game, who traveled the globe befriending and influencing the world’s best bartenders.

Today Simon is an entrepreneur, recently starting his own spirits company, The 86 Co., and he’s a new dad trying to figure out how to balance the startup grind and raising a family.

I caught up with Simon and talked with him about how things are going.


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PopLyfe’s Sean Singleton: A parent entrepreneur hustling for fatherhood

Since starting this blog last August, I’ve met lots of parent entrepreneurs living the ‘trepLife. These folks inspire me and I’m going to start regularly featuring them and their products.

I recently met Sean Singleton on Twitter and we hit it off right away. Sean is a passionate dad, and a front-end web designer, so I was curious because I’m always thinking about how to improve my website. But what really intrigued me about Sean was his side-hustle business, an inspired t-shirt line called The PopLyfe, and his reason for starting it.


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Interview with inventor, Brian Davis: “How I crushed Kickstarter TWICE”

I’m thrilled to share this interview with you. Brian Davis is a friend, inventor, and an entrepreneur; he makes products that solve problems for cycling enthusiasts.

And he’s a ‘trepLife Dad with a wife and two young kids.

Brian is the only person I know to crush a Kickstarter campaign not once, but TWICE. He talks about how to rock your Kickstarter in the interview. As well as how he made the transition from a full-time job to being a full-time entrepreneur. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to get your product off the ground, or just someone with a goal in mind but in need of funds to get there, there are plenty of crowdfunding sites out there that are worth investigating, with GoFundMe being one of the more popular ones.


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Interview With Mario Armstrong: “You Are In Control Of Your Destiny”

I am SUPER-excited to share the first video interview for ‘trepLife Dad, and I’m pumped that it is with the inimitable Mario Armstrong. Mario is an Emmy Award-winning digital lifestyle expert, a parent, and an entrepreneur. You’ll probably recognize him from The TODAY Show and a few other places.

Mario is a committed husband and dad, and I love when he said, “If I ever get to the point where the business is damaging the relationship [with my wife and son], the business has to go.” He will shut it down. Wow! Incredible commitment.


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