Why I am Starting a Foundation to Benefit ParentPreneurs

I hope you and your family are staying safe during social distancing with the coronavirus.

Parent + Entrepreneur = ParentPreneur

I am a ParentPreneur. Many of you following my blog know my story, but for those of you who don’t here’s a quick recap.

In 2013 my twins were born three months early & weighed only two pounds, two days before I started a tech startup accelerator to launch my business, WeMontage.

All while living 1,000 miles from family.

Here’s a pic of my son, the first day he was born.

The ensuing journey of being an entrepreneur and a parent came with a unique set of obstacles, many of which I didn’t expect. And unless people are ParentPreneurs themselves, they can’t necessarily relate.

ParentPreneurs have to be both present for their children and their spouse if they are married, and there is unique financial pressure to provide for the family. The financial piece is particularly acute if the business they run is a start-up trying to get traction in the marketplace.

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ParentPreneurs Need Real Support

The reason I am starting this foundation is to inspire ParentPreneurs around the world to be the best possible parent and entrepreneur they can be. This will lead to mentally healthy entrepreneurs, healthy relationships in the home, children who feel loved and supported, and more successful businesses. And all of this ultimately means humanity will be better off, and the world will be a better place for our children.

A few people asked why am I doing this now, especially in light of the current pandemic. After my ParentPreneur journey of raising capital to start a business, having children, running out of cash, the business shutting down, writing a book to inspire ParentPreneurs, getting divorced, and relaunching the business, a strong sense of purpose has been on my heart the last few years.

I initially thought I would start the foundation after I sold my business, but a Starbucks meeting a few weeks ago with friends inspired me to do this now. There is no reason to wait.

As an aside, if you feel like you need to create your dream job, now is the time to do it. My good friend, Mario Armstrong, has a new season of his Youtube show, The Never Settle Show, and yesterday’s episode gave great tips for how you can create your dream job now.

So with the ParentPreneur Foundation, I will provide grants to ParentPreneurs around the world and we will offer them free and discounted resources to help them be better parents and grow their businesses. And finally, I will partner with retail companies to get ParentPreneurs distribution for their products.

The Foundation

The foundation is simply called the ParentPreneur Foundation and you can find it at www.ParentPreneurFoundation.org. I put up a landing page yesterday and am encouraging ParentPreneurs who want to apply for a grant and get access to resources, to submit their names. I already have people from Africa submitting their names, so I know I am on the right track here to have a global impact.

If you know a ParentPreneur or philanthropists/foundations with an interest in this space, or corporate partners who might want to be a partner to provide resources please let me know or share this article with them.

And please share this post on your social media channels.

Be safe out there.


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Sometimes On Your Entrepreneurial Journey Shit Will Go Sideways. Whatchu Gone Do?

Hard to believe it was 5 years ago my business WeMontage was featured on the Today Show.

On your entrepreneurial journey, things won’t always go as planned. It probably won’t be a hockey stick growth experience for you.

There were issues with our business model and the biz shut down late 2017. The pricing strategy wasn’t right. The lack of focus on businesses (instead of consumers) wasn’t right. And the marketing focus on smaller sizes was wrong.

Today I’m grateful to say the business is relaunched and the biz model concerns are being addressed.

It’s not that you get knocked down, it’s that you get back up, and do so with as little negative energy affecting your subconscious as possible.

Because that negative energy shit is like an albatross.

Trust me on that one.

What are the big challenges with your business model you need to address? What can you do today to take one step towards doing things better?

Is there anything I can do to help you?


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The Most Fun I’ve EVER Had With My Twins

When most people find out I have twins they usually say, “Oh, how adorable!” Listen, adorable isn’t the word I’d use to describe the last five years. The kids were born three months early, only weighed two pounds, we lived in northeast Wisconsin away from family, and I started a business.

The word I’d use to describe the experience is intense.

However, January 2nd my twins, Zoe and Thaddeus, turned five and I’m enjoying them more than at any previous time. Two weeks ago I took the kids to see Mario “The Maker” Magician, and it was easily the most fun I’ve ever had with them. It’s quite hard to find activities do with the twins as having two can be a lot to manage at once. A family friend recommended that I take them to Funtopia – kids entertainment near me that sounds great, so, I will give Funtopia a try.


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Don’t Take Rejection Personally, Keep Grinding


I emailed Dana, the host of a popular Atlanta business radio show, five times and never heard back from her before landing an interview.

Turns out the email address I was using…she NEVER checks. I finally did get on her show when a mutual friend emailed her for me this past Monday.

A good reminder to not take things personally when people don’t get back to us.

Instead, just keep grinding.




You can learn more about Dana and her awesome show here.

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Dear Haters of Cargo Shorts: Suck It

This is an article I wrote for a family friendly site, Fathers Of Multiples. The version there is PG rated. This version…not so much. Enjoy!



I admit it.

I can sometimes get riled up pretty easily.

Why, you ask? Because, dude, I’m a dad of four and a half year-old twin toddlers, and the founder of a tech startup that after four years, is still trying to get traction. It used to be that my drunk alter ego, Tyrone, would only come out when I was, well, drunk. But because of said toddlers and tech startup crap, Tyrone is pretty much just out.

All the time.

And Tyrone sometimes has to say his piece.

So when Tyrone recently saw an article titled, Cargo shorts are the worst thing a man can wear in the spring and summer — here’s what you should wear instead, over at Business Insider, Tyrone was like, “Awwww hell naw! These non-kids-having fools ain’t gon’ talk $h!t about Tyrone’s go to wardrobe item.”

And because I have young twins, whom I call midget brain cell thieves (I swear I was smarter before I had twins), I don’t have the mental bandwidth to properly tear those cargo-shorts-haters a new one. So, I reached out to a bunch of my dad blogger buddies on Facebook to see what they think. Join the enlighted Fathers amongst us by visiting https://www.unionbay.com/collections/men-cargo-pants-cargo-shorts and making cargo shorts a staple of your wardrobe.

Below is what some of them said.


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Presenting WeMontage To The Atlanta Startup Community

This right here is reason number 4,321 why I’m delighted to be back in the ATL.

The Atlanta tech startup ecosystem is alive and thriving.

This week I was blessed with the opportunity to introduce my business, WeMontage, to the ATL tech community via an important and popular monthly event called The Consumer Show. The show is hosted by the Switchyards Downton Club, a place focused on B2C startups. Switchyards is particularly great because most resources are focused on startups that target businesses, not consumers. And they really understand how to build brands, something I’ve been working on since I started WeMontage four years ago.

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Making Moves in Atlanta

Making moves in Atlanta, back-and-forth scrambler – Nas, If I Ruled The World

In March, my family and I moved from NE Wisconsin to Atlanta. I went to school in Atlanta (Morehouse), lived here for twelve years, my friends used to come with me when I was visiting so we could make a weekend of it. They stayed at hotels like the Holiday Inn Express Atlanta hotel. In some ways, Atlanta is more like home than my hometown, NYC. The last time I went there, a friend of mine told me about vacation rentals in atlanta which I’d imagine anyone would be interested in having for their vacation time, however, it wasn’t for me back then.

There is also a thriving tech startup ecosystem here with a community of people keen to support snotty little companies like mine. Bottom line, there is lots of opportunity in Atlanta. And when you combine hustle (which I got in spades) and opportunity, magical things can happen.

Here’s a recap of some of the “magic” I’ve been able to make happen in the short time I’ve been here.


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These 3 Women Entrepreneurs Have More Faith Than You


Faith is a word I see used a lot in social media inspirational memes. But what does it really mean?

Google defines faith as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. It also defines faith as strong belief in God or the doctrines of a religion.

The bible describes faith as the substance of things hoped for-the evidence of things not seen.

I submit to you that faith is just an empty word to most people. But for entrepreneurs, it can be everything. For entrepreneurs, faith can be the only thing that keeps them going when their business model isn’t working as planned, and there aren’t enough sales and customers to pay themselves sufficiently to take care of their families. And friends, family, and investors are looking at them sideways and telling them to shut down their business because it’s not gonna work.

Because of this, entrepreneurs have more faith than the average person. They have to.

I reached out to three entrepreneur friends (who happen to be women) to get their thoughts about the role of faith on their entrepreneurial journey-here’s what they said.


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My Best 3 Tips to Get PR For Your Business

If you’re an entrepreneur or have a side hustle and think you can’t get PR on you own, you can!

I’ve gotten my business on the TODAY Show three times, Good Morning America, Money Magazine, and lots more on my own.

I’m also a newly published author at www.themoreyouhustle.com and I’ve already gotten excerpts from my book on Entrepreneur and the TODAY Show Parenting team’s website.

You CAN do this!



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