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My name is James Oliver, Jr., and I’m a husband to an amazing wife, Ayana, and co-founder of the world’s kewtest twins, Thaddeus and Zoe.

I’m a tech entrepreneur who completed a startup accelerator and successfully raised private investment capital to start WeMontage, the world’s only website that lets you turn your photos into large collages on removable wallpaper.

I have a degree from Morehouse College and an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill.

The twins were born at about 28 weeks, weighed only 2 lbs and spent several months in the NICU. Thankfully, our local NICU is phenomenal and they are doing great today. Those were challenging times, but were made even more intense because I launched WeMontage right after they were born-I couldn’t have done this without the support of my wife.

Here’s an old pic of all of us, and our dog, Sugar, which was taken not long after the twins came home from the NICU.


Thad and Zoe 71


Like many of you, I know what it’s like to hustle and grind on my business and still focus on family. I want this blog to be a place of laughter, learning, and sharing. So please don’t be shy.


My business? Well, I’m the dude who had the crazy idea of launching a tech startup without knowing how to write a line of code. I started WeMontage, which challenges users to to live beyond the limitations of expensive and cluttered picture frames. And, more importantly, offers users a unique way to display and enjoy their special memories.


Here’s a brief HGTV clip, which shows how I got the idea:



And here’s an example of a WeMontage of our wedding photos in our home on an 10′ x 8′ wall:


Wedding B&W Living room


Today this part of our home is the kiddos’ play area and looks more like this. Ha! I was kind enough to straighten it up before I snapped this pic.



And finally, a proud moment for WeMontage was being featured on the TODAY Show:



On this blog I’ll share about the joys and pains of running a tech startup, raising a family, and tasty recipes-hopefully (since I’m the family cook).

Let’s connect, share and learn together!


Be well!


‘trepLife Dad

P.S., you can always reach me via email at james at treplifedad dot com.

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